Josh Duggar Reportedly Pretends To Be Single Man Behind Bars?

Josh Duggar - Anna Duggar - Instagram

Is former TLC star Josh Duggar pretending to be a single man behind bars? Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s eldest son is serving a 12-year sentence on child pornography charges. And sources have revealed an interesting detail about something he’s doing in prison. Keep reading for all of the details.

Josh Duggar gets a visit from his wife & kids.

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball obtained photos of Anna Duggar and her seven children visiting Josh in prison. The source also has a relative behind bars, so that’s how they were able to get this inside information. It sounds like Anna and Josh Duggar are still married, despite his child pornography crimes.

Josh Duggar Mugshot - Anna Duggar - Instagram
Josh Duggar Mugshot – Anna Duggar – Instagram

Katie reported that Anna visits Josh in prison in Seagoville, Texas on a monthly basis. She added, “The witness alleges they barely interacted and didn’t hug or kiss when they greeted or said goodbye to one another.”

Anna is keeping quiet on social media and has even deactivated her Instagram page. So, not much is known about her life these days or where she stands with Josh.

Below, you can see a couple of the photos that Katie Joy shared, which feature Anna and the kids.


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Is the TLC star pretending to be a single man behind bars?

Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball learned from a source that Josh Duggar is reportedly not wearing his wedding ring behind bars. In a new Instagram post on Friday, the YouTuber provided fans with this interesting detail. She also noted that federal inmates are allowed to wear simple bands. They can’t have any stones or detailed engraving.

At the end of his trial, when Josh was sent to an Arkansas jail, he reportedly gave Anna his wedding band because he wasn’t allowed to wear it there. However, now that he’s in federal prison, he is allowed to wear a simple one.

It’s unclear why Josh Duggar wouldn’t be wearing his wedding ring, especially because Anna and the kids still visit him. It looks like Anna and Josh are still married, based on the little information that is currently public. You can read Katie Joy’s full post below.


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A post shared by Katie Joy (@withoutacrystalball)

In the comments section of Katie Joy’s latest post, fans are speculating about why Josh might not be wearing his ring. Some people think he’s afraid it will be stolen. Others think he wants to act like a single man.

Because Josh Duggar is in jail and most of his family is keeping quiet on social media, no one really knows what is going on. It doesn’t seem likely that fans will get an explanation about Josh’s alleged decision to stop wearing his wedding band. In the meantime, fans will continue to speculate.

So, what do you think the story is behind Josh Duggar reportedly not wearing his wedding ring in jail? Do you think he’s pretending to be single, or do you think he just didn’t want it to be stolen? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Duggars.

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