What Is Going On With Anna Duggar’s Social Media Activity?

Anna Duggar, YouTube

This weekend, fans and critics noticed something odd about former Counting On star Anna Duggar’s social media. After being pretty quiet online for the past year, something has changed. Keep reading to get all of the details. 

If you follow Anna on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, you may know that she has been laying low. Since her husband, Josh Duggar, was arrested in the spring of 2021, she has only posted a handful of times. And when she does, she typically gets many negative comments. 

So, it may not surprise you that she seldom posts anymore. Last November, she posted to announce her seventh child’s birth. In another post, she talked about going on a road trip to visit her best friend

Now, Anna Duggar has taken things a step further and may be completely done on one social media platform. What happened? 

Anna Duggar, YouTube

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics pointed out that Anna’s Instagram page is completely gone. It’s nowhere to be found, which seems to suggest that she deactivated it. It’s possible that the criticism was too much for her to handle. She couldn’t post anything without Josh being mentioned in the comments section.

Anna Duggar’s social media activity puzzles fans.

Interestingly, as of now, her Facebook and Twitter profiles are still active. It’s unclear why she chose to leave Instagram but stayed on the other platforms. There’s also the possibility that Instagram removed her profile for some reason. One fan did some digging and revealed, “She doesn’t appear on any of the families follows and when you search her profile doesn’t appear so she may have archived it. Interesting for sure.”

Another Reddit user chimed in and said they are so surprised it took her this long to deactivate her Instagram profile. The fan wrote, “She has only posted a few times in the last year and the comments are always limited. In reality she can’t post anything for the public without a million people asking about Josh or why she doesn’t leave him, etc.”

Below, you can see Anna’s Instagram profile. There are no pictures to be found.

Anna Duggar Instagram

On Reddit, fans are discussing Anna Duggar’s social media activity. No one knows what’s really going on because she hasn’t said anything about this. But fans are beginning to speculate. They will continue to keep an eye out to see what happens with her social media next. Something certainly seems to be going on.

You can check out Anna’s still active Facebook page here and see her Twitter here.

So, why do you think Anna Duggar’s Instagram profile is gone? Do you think she will delete her Facebook and Twitter profiles next? Sound off in the comments section and come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about the Duggars. 

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  1. Poor Anna a victim to the secret life her spouse led. Just leave her alone already it’s hard! Imagine raising 7 kids alone!

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