‘TOWIE’ Alum Bobby Norris Unrecognizable With Fresh New Look

Bobby Norris [The Only Way Is Essex | YouTube]

TOWIE alum Bobby Norris shocked fans with his new look. He showed off his tan and new white teeth once again while taking flight. The reality star took to his Instagram Stories to share an unrecognizable selfie. Keep on reading to see Bobby’s new photo for yourself and to learn the secrets behind his transformation.

TOWIE fan-favorite looks different in new photo

Bobby Norris used to have arched eyebrows and spiky hair. However, he’s rocking a new look these days. For one, he’s not as skinny as he was on TOWIE. He beefed up and got a new set of teeth. The British personality has always tanned, but he looks darker than ever.

Bobby Norris [The Only Way Is Essex | YouTube]
[The Only Way Is Essex | YouTube]
Bobby left the reality series in 2021 after he appeared in the 24-episode season. He quickly became a fan favorite long before he achieved success after making his debut on the show. Fans loved his open and bubbly personality. Bobby has looked very different over the years. The 36-year-old posted photos and clips of himself on a flight on Monday, January 9 to his Instagram Stories.

He no longer had his spikey hair. In fact, it was slicked back in a rockabilly hairstyle. Bobby looked unrecognizable in his black thick-framed eyeglasses. He flashed his scruffy beard and white teeth at the camera. Even his brows seemed bushier than usual.

Bobby wore a gray tank top that showed off his muscles. He was excited about his holiday. The television star wrote on his Instagram Story: “Let’s gooo…” Fans didn’t recognize him in the new photo. Bobby opened up about his experience with fillers in the past. In early 2022, he got them dissolved.

Bobby Norris Looks Unrecognizable In New Photos [Bobby Norris | Instagram Stories]
[Bobby Norris | Instagram Stories]
“End of an era… After years of having facial fillers I decided to have them removed,” Bobby Norris explained. “Sorry in advance to the trolls who have loved to abuse me online for how I look. I know you’ve had a field day over the years.”

Bobby Norris looks much different these days

The former television personality looks much different these days. Back in October, Bobby Norris shocked fans when he rocked a similar look on another flight. He unveils most of his looks while on an airplane or at the gym. Bobby was darker than ever with his tan and facial air.

In that snapshot, he wore a white tank top with his glasses. Bobby shared that he was traveling to Ibiza. Bobby pouted for the selfie as he showed off his new facial hair. He’s been learning to embrace the “natural Norris” and has sworn off cosmetic surgery ever since.

Bobby Norris Looks Unrecognizable On Flight [Bobby Norris | Instagram Stories]
[Bobby Norris | Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on Bobby Norris’ new unrecognizable look? Do you like it? Do you miss him on TOWIE? Sound off below in the comment section.

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