Hoda Kotb & Wynonna Judd Open Up About Heartbreaking Loss

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Hota Kotb welcomed Wynonna Judd onto her Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast. The two spoke about the heartbreaking event in 2022 that tore Judd apart. Hoda and Wynonna discussed her mother, Naomi Judd’s death, and the months leading up to it.

Here is what Hota and Wynonna talked about on the podcast.

Wynonna Judd talks to Hoda Kotb about Naomi’s death


The description of the new episode of the Making Space with Hoda Kotb podcast reads, “Wynonna Judd joins Hoda for a powerful and raw conversation just months after the passing of her beloved mom, Naomi Judd.” The two women spoke for 34 minutes about life and surviving the death of a loved one.

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From the sound of the description, this episode was taped last year, just months after Naomi Judd, 76, died by suicide in April 2022. In the podcast episode, Wynonna said she could tell there was something “not right” about her mother in the last few months. The two performed at the CMT Awards the month of Naomi’s death.

Wynonna said that Naomi seemed frail at that performance. “I just kind of reached out and touched her hand, like, I’m here. I got you. It’s OK,” Wynonna remembered. The singer also said that she has been talking to her mom a lot since she died, asking “Why did you do this?” She said she is still struggling with that question months after her mother died.

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Wynonna Judd struggled with her mom’s death

Wynonna Judd was set to tour with Naomi when her mother took her own life. However, instead of canceling the tour, Wynonna kept it going and set out on it by herself to mourn with her fans for the great loss. Wynonna invited some friends to join her on the stage, including Martina McBride, Little Big Town, and Kelsea Ballerini.

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In every show, Wynonna would end it with a tribute to Naomi Judd. There is a slideshow of the two of them performing together. Furthermore, the singer has said that she feels like her mom is there with her at every performance. The two were not always on the best of terms. However, that is part of what Wynonna loved about their relationship – the constant bickering.

With that said, Wynonna also just celebrated Christmas without her mother in her life for the first time. She said to PEOPLE that she had a panic attack at Thanksgiving because she realized she was the matriarch in the family now. Judd even made her mom’s favorite foods, but it was hard without her there to share the moment with her.

The Judds tour will continue into 2023, with fans loving seeing Wynonna Judd and reliving the memories with her at every tour stop. Do you plan to see the concert when it arrives near you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I so enjoyed this podcast. My heart goes out to the Judd family. I know the loss of a mother and a year ago lost my dad. What really hit me the most is when Wynonna spoke about what got her through is work and keeping busy. I am a person that doesn’t sit still because it gives you to much time to think. And the more you think the more you work because then it’s not real. There still there but, not home. But, then Wynonna talked about her grandchild. (I have 7) and it hit me. I have a new granddaughter that’s 7 weeks old. Born the day after the first anniversary of my dads passing. And I thought, what a gift! I know in my heart this little girl was sent to replace are loss. Thank you so much Hoda and Wynonna this was a wonderful podcast.

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