Tori Spelling Spoils Family, Lives Large Amid Owing $1.3M In Taxes

Tori Spelling- YouTube

Former Beverly Hills, 90210 star and reality show diva, Tori Spelling has been in some hot water lately. It appears that she is in serious debt with unpaid taxes and credit cards. However, her fans recently noticed on her Instagram account that she was sharing new family photos. These photos showed them all out at a very expensive restaurant. Needless to say, fans are unsure how Tori and Dean McDermott can afford to take out the family when they are swimming in debt.

Tori Spelling & Family Indulge On Lavish Eats

In a family picture at the Ember and Rye restaurant, Tori Spelling made sure to point out how delicious the food was. She captioned this string of photos, “Quite literally one of the most amazing all-around foodie family meals we’ve ever had. OMG, Your menu is the kind you read, your mouth waters, and you can’t decide what to order because everything sounds unbelievable. This meal turned even our super picky eaters around! The service was so kind and patient with our large brood. Because of the unique flavor combos, it prompted really great family conversations, which we love when food is so thought and taste provoking. Our kiddos didn’t even miss their devices!”

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Of course, her followers were quick to get information out of Tori Spelling after they saw this post. The comments were mostly positive and there were a lot of questions about Tori and Dean being back together. Most of Tori’s fans were happy to see them all together with the kids. However, there were a lot of negative comments about the family as well. The couple has been working through a lot of their issues lately. Is 2023 the year that they can work it all out? Tori Spelling’s fans truly hope so!

Tori Spelling- Instagram
Tori Spelling- Instagram

Tori’s fans spoke out to her on her Instagram photos. One wrote to her, “I feel so sorry for you. You get all this negative press and comments on social media.” Another added, “You sure do have an abundance of LOVE around you- what a blessing.” One more chimed in, “I have to say, I really love how much your family means to you. You can see how proud you are of your kids. Despite your unconventional childhood and yet your kids seem grounded and happy. Great job!”

How Much Money Does Tori Spelling Owe?

Of course, we all want to start the new year fresh and full of hope. Tori Spelling seems to be that way, but she allegedly owes a lot in taxes. Tori has had a few businesses that have failed and she is still working on her relationship with Dean. In April 2022, Tori was able to pay off her debt to American Express. She owed around $87,000 to them!

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When the rumors of Dean and Tori’s split hit, fans were pretty shocked After seeing this post, fans are curious if they have really gotten back together. More so, they are wondering if they have new ventures on the table that are allowing them to go on such pricey excursions. What are your thoughts on Tori Spelling and co. indulging when she owes so much? Is she flaunting or just living her best life? Fans can continue to check back with TV Shows Ace to find out more about Tori and Dean.



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