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Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott: Not Giving Up On Love Yet

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Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have been through crazy highs and intense lows. After sixteen years of marriage, it looked like it was the end of the road many times. However, after five kids together, it appears that there still may be some hope yet.

Tori Spelling And Dean McDermott: The Ultimate Betrayal

The couple already had four children together when Tori suffered the ultimate betrayal. She learned that Dean had cheated on her. The couple, who wed in 2006, had been married for seven years when this occurred. Dean had been working in Canada when he meet Emily Goodhand, 28. He led her to believe that his marriage had no intimacy, according to Us Weekly and she believed him. Dean later claimed that it was more about his own insecurities and less about his wife.

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Dean McDermott

The couple actually attempted to work through the grief and betrayal in the reality series True Tori. It was agonizing to watch but it seemed to help them enough. They went on to have a fifth child and in 2019, Dean had this to say: “It was horrible and I’m an asshole, piece of s–t for doing it, [but now] our relationship is better than ever.” Though they continued to try, there were telltale signs that all was not perfect in paradise.

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In 2021, the family sent out their holiday card but one integral person was missing from it. Yes, Dean was literally not in the picture. Fans felt that was a clear-cut sign that the marriage was finally over. Though they stopped sleeping in the same bed, they claimed everything was fine. As of last month, friends told Us Weekly that the couple was in the midst of a trial separation. Now, Dean is apparently fighting harder than ever to keep his marriage intact.

Anything For Love And Tori

Tori Spelling has seemingly just kept on moving on with her life and children. She kept working and even has a new Vizio+ series @Home With Tori. Yet, she seemed no closer to a solid answer as to where she and Dean stood. Now it appears he is attempting to make their marriage work no matter what it takes. According to HollywoodLife, a source close to Dean claims he is doing whatever needs to be done to be with Tori. “Dean has been working on himself so much in hopes to save his marriage,” the source shared. They went on to add: “and his efforts are not going unnoticed. Tori is the love of his life, and he knows where he was falling short in their marriage.”

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Apparently, Dean has been working a lot to make sure his family has everything that they need. He’s been filming consistently and being away from the home has actually benefitted the duo. It has shown Dean exactly what was needed to bring the family back together so he is putting in the effort. He is adamant that she is the love of his life so they are both doing all they can. Hopefully, it works out in their favor.

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