‘Love Island’ Ron Hall Shares Tragic Details Of His Blindness

Ron Hall [Ron Hall | Instagram]

Love Island UK newcomer Ron Hall shared the tragic detail of his blindness. Fans want to know more details about his health crisis. He returned this week with a special series in the winter season. The cast includes Ron, who revealed that he’s blind. Keep on reading to learn more.

What happened to Ron Hall’s eye

The British personality shared on Love Island UK that he’s blind in one eye. The incident took place during a football injury when he was just eight years old. Ron Hall tried to get a header, but he got kicked in the face. He ended up blind in one of his eyes.

He’s the first blind person to appear on Love Island. Casting spoke to The U.S. Sun about the male islander. They’re excited to have him on the dating series.

Ron Hall With Friends [Ron Hall | Instagram]
[Ron Hall | Instagram]
“The casting team is excited by the signing. It’s a really positive move to have more diversity on-screen, especially as there are so few blind people on telly,” an alleged source associated with Love Island told The U.S. Sun. “Ron is a great guy, he’s got loads of mates and is sports mad, he loves to golf and has recently taken up boxing. He’s keen to meet new people, and hopefully, find love.”

Ron’s goal is to find love in the series, as most of the singles hope to do. He also plans to speak out about his disability. Ron wants to create awareness by talking about it with the other islanders and in his interviews. Love Island fans slammed the show for its lack of diversity.

Love Island expands its diversity efforts

The show received criticism over the years for not having a diverse group of islanders. Love Island fans would love to see themselves represented on the show. Ron’s debut on the show could be a good thing for the disability community.

“We are pleased to see greater representation of people with disabilities on reality shows,” a spokesperson for the National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) told The U.S. Sun. “We hope the TV series will continue to diversify their contestants and actors to challenge misconceptions of those living with a disability.”

Ron Hall Smiles At Restaurant [Ron Hall | Instagram]
[Ron Hall | Instagram]
Prior to his debut in the villa, Ron spoke out about his blindness. He also shared that he has “two different coloured eyes, one blue and one green.” However, he wants people to get to know his character. He’s hoping the Love Island fans will get to know him as well.

What are your thoughts on the new season of Love Island? Are you excited to see people like Ron Hall represented in the series? Sound off below in the comment section.

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