‘Love Island UK’ Molly-Mae Hague Called Materialistic, Why?

Molly-Mae Shows Off Baby Bump [Molly-Mae Hague | Instagram]

Love Island UK alum Molly-Mae Hague was called materialistic by her fans. The new mom was proud of her purchase. However, some fans think she’s flexing her wealth. Keep on reading to learn more and see her Instagram post.

Molly-Mae Hague shows off her “cool mom” car

Earlier this week, Molly-Mae Hague took to Instagram to show off her new “cool mom” car. The Love Island UK alum admitted that she bought it herself with her own money. The blonde reality star posed in front of her vehicle in a gray blazer with a black shirt and matching pants. She finished off her look with a black-and-white knit scarf, a black Chanel handbag, and a high ponytail.

Molly-Mae tossed her ponytail to the side as she struck up a pose. She purchased a Mercedes-AMG G Wagon, which retails for around $233,000. The television personality was proud of herself. Some Love Island UK fans weren’t impressed. They took to the comment section to call her out.

Molly-Mae Flaunts Baby Bump In Black Maxi Dress [Molly-Mae Hague | Instagram]
[Molly-Mae Hague | Instagram]
Some claimed that there are all kinds of “cool mom” cars, not just luxury cars. Others told Molly-Mae that she should be more environmentally friendly. There were also some who claim that she was being materialistic by flaunting her wealth. Here is what the fans had to say:

  • “Really not cool driving in that cant you at least try to live even a little environmentally friendly.”
  • “You’re always showing off things. Even do a whole YouTube on buying your dream car.”
  • “All mums are cool regardless of their car. Change your mindset and stop making this world so materialistic.”

Not all the Love Island UK fans were critical of her new purchase. They congratulated Molly-Mae on buying her own “cool mom” vehicle. She received support from those who clapped back at the haters.

  • “Beautiful mommy to be and I love your car. Enjoy it.”
  • “Hard working paying off right there… let the haters hate… keep doing you…enjoy and be happy…wonderful.”
  • “She’s not just a cool mom she’s also a very, very, very rich mom so she can buy herself whatever she wants it’s her own money.”

Love Island UK alum is expecting her first child

Molly-Mae gets more criticism than the rest of the Love Island UK cast. Some dedicated online boards to hating on the Instagram influencer. Molly-Mae is expecting her first child with her partner Tommy Fury.

Molly-Mae Hague Flaunts New Vehicle [Molly-Mae Hague | Instagram]
[Molly-Mae Hague | Instagram]
Some Love Island UK fans asked when she is due. Molly-Mae hasn’t shared the details of her impending birth on her Instagram page. She should give birth very soon.

What are your thoughts on Molly-Mae’s “cool mom” car? Do you think the hate she got is warranted? Or, do you think she can do whatever she wants? Sound off below in the comment section.

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