‘Bringing Up Bates’ Is Josie Balka Pregnant With Baby #3?

Josie Balka - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates fans are wondering if Josie Balka might be pregnant with baby #3. Fans have picked up on a little clue that might be a sign she’s expecting again. Keep reading to see the picture that got fans talking, and see what everyone is saying.

Kelton & Josie Balka’s Family

If you follow Josie and Kelton on social media, you probably know that they have two young daughters, Willow, 3, and Hazel, 1. Before getting pregnant with Hazel, Josie sadly had a miscarriage. She also has a blood disorder that can cause pregnancy complications. Fortunately, today, Josie and her girls are healthy.

Below, you can see a family photo they snapped on Christmas.

Josie Balka - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates

Fans have been speculating about a potential pregnancy for a few months now. This is because in June 2023, Hazel will turn two years old. Then, in July 2023, Willow will be four. Since the girls are about two years apart, it would make sense for baby number three to arrive sometime in 2023. But as of now, Josie and Kelton haven’t made an official announcement.

A new photo is adding fuel to all of the speculation though.

Bringing Up Bates Fans Wonder About Baby #3

On Reddit, fans are talking about the possibility of Josie Balka being pregnant with baby number three. They reposted one of Josie’s newest selfies and said that she looks pregnant based on how her face looks. In the snap, the mother of two is in her car in a brown top. She’s showing off her curls, which she did with a heatless curling set. She is smiling softly as she snaps a photo.

While sharing this photo, the fan said, “Her face gives it away every single time!”

They added, “I called it on here with Hazel as well. Her face just gets very full when she’s pregnant and it’s pretty noticeable.”

One fan offered an explanation and said, “I call it ‘pregnancy lips’ i get it too. 50% increased blood flow makes it look like we got fillers haha.”

Another Bringing Up Bates fan agreed, “Either pregnant or she spent about 2k on cheek fillers.”

Below, you can see the new selfie she posted on her Instagram Stories.

Josie Balka - Instagram - Bringing Up Bates
Josie Balka – Instagram – Bringing Up Bates

If Josie is actually pregnant, it won’t be too much longer before she makes an official announcement. So, be on the lookout for that.

So, do you think that Josie Balka might be pregnant with baby #3 soon if she isn’t already? Or do you think it will be a little while before she and Kelton expand their family again? Which others Bates family members do you think might be pregnant? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family.

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