‘GMA’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton Missing Again, Fans Angry

Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Dr. Jennifer Ashton has gone missing from Good Morning America once again. Fans are angry with her. They stormed her social media to tear in her. She has been caught on the slopes while most viewers wondered where she went. Keep on reading to learn more.

Co-anchors missing from GMA3

Dr. Jennifer Ashton isn’t the only one who’s been going lately. Amy Robach and TJ Holmes went missing from GMA3: What You Need to Know in early December. This came a week after photos and videos surfaced on social media. DailyMail.com shared a report on their alleged six-month affair.

ABC conducted an internal review of the situation. It could take some time before they get any answers. In the meantime, a series of guest hosts have filled in for the original duo. Most fans want Amy and TJ to return to the morning show.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton Wears Shades [Dr. Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]
[Dr. Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]
It appears that their alleged affair hasn’t violated any of the company’s policies. The network isn’t sure what to do with them. They created a firestorm of chatter on social media. ABC doesn’t want it to become a distraction.

Where is Dr. Jennifer Ashton?

Fans noticed that Dr. Jennifer Ashton went missing from GMA3 once again. They’re not happy to see where she’s been hiding. The television host just returned from her trip to Hawaii and Cabo San Lucas. She recently ended up on the slopes following her holiday break.

Jennifer took to Instagram to share a series of photos. She was on the slopes in Deer Valley, Utah. Once again, Jennifer spent time with her family. Most fans were happy to see that she was doing well.

“What. A. Weekend! Great snow, great skiing, great fun!” Dr. Jennifer Ashton wrote in the caption of her Instagram post.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton's Vacation Photos [Dr. Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]
[Dr. Jennifer Ashton | Instagram]

GMA star gets hate for going on vacation

She looked happy being on the slopes. While most fans were happy to see that the GMA star was doing well, others were frustrated with her going on another vacation. Some of them flocked to the comment section to call her out.

  • “And so much money that you can get a private jet to and from Utah and still be at work on GMA in the morning and preach at us mere mortals how we should be living our lives.”
  • “I would run like that too, if I was able to vacation in such beautiful surroundings. The average person is not that fortunate.”
  • “So glad to see you’re enjoying your day!”
  • “Wish I was there and could ski!”

What are your thoughts on Dr. Jennifer Ashton going missing from the show? Do you agree that she takes too many breaks? Do you feel bitter about her vacation? Sound off below in the comment section.

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