Gwendlyn Brown Calls Mykelti & Tony F*cking Sickos

Gwendlyn Brown with Mykelti and husband via YouTube

Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn Brown has been recapping Season 17 as she makes her way through the episodes. Her latest review was on Episode 3. Gwendlyn comments and shares her perspective on various parts of the show. In this particular episode, Gwendlyn calls Mykelti and Tony Padron f*cking sickos. Why would she call them this? Keep reading to find out more.

Gwendlyn Brown calls Mykelti and Tony sickos

Season 17, Episode 3 of Sister Wives was actually filmed more than a year ago. So as Gwendlyn Brown watches she is reliving that period of her life. This episode features her sister Mykelti giving birth and Gwendlyn did not really enjoy seeing it. During the episode Christine announces on video conference that Mykelti is having real contractions and it is almost show time.

As she is watching Mykelti in labor, Gwendlyn notes that Mykelti and Tony are perfect for each other. This is when she says, “f*cking sickos” As she continues to watch Mykelti labor, she also notes that Mykelti is so inappropriate and she just loves her.

Watching the birth is traumatic for Gwendlyn who says she will not allow others to watch her own birth. She also goes back and forth talking about if she will follow in the families footsteps and have a home birth or give birth in a hospital.

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As the baby is born Gwendlyn says it was exhilarating to watch. She then comments on her new niece Avalon and says how adorable she is. Gwendlyn said most babies are not born this cute and she now sees the appeal in having one’s birth filmed for later viewing.

However, Gwendlyn still maintains she is not cut out to watch births and even screamed after watching Maddie give birth.

Gwendlyn is thinking about the future

During her YouTube recap, Gwendlyn Brown also talks about giving birth herself someday. She says she doesn’t know if she will have a home or hospital birth and will need to discuss it further with her fiancé Beatriz Queiroz. She also said she is much less comfortable showing things like birth to the world so if she is still involved with the show when she’s pregnant it will not be seen.

Beatriz and Gwendlyn are getting married and have set a wedding date. She noted recently that she will be marrying into their beautiful family in July. So, not too long before they are wed.

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What do you think about Gwendlyn’s commentary surrounding Mykelti’s birth?

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