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‘Sister Wives’ Why Gwendlyn Brown Says Janelle Is ‘Hot’

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Sister Wives daughter Gwendlyn Brown has been recapping the new episodes of Season 17 on her YouTube channel. Gwendlyn just watched and recapped Episode 3 and she’s sharing her thoughts about Janelle Brown and many other things. One big take from the recap is that Gwendlyn has nothing but praise for Janelle. What does she say about Janelle? Keep reading to find out more.

Gwendlyn Brown says Janelle is ‘Hot’

During the latest episode Kody Brown spoke with the Sister Wives via Zoom to discuss ongoing Covid protocols. Kody wants the kids to all remain in online classes at this point in time. Janelle voiced that Savannah is remaining in online classes. However, Christine says that Ysabel does not want to remain in Flagstaff after graduation. Therefore Christine argued that she only has a few more weeks with her friends and so she wants to return in person. Of course, Kody is not happy.

Christine and Janelle are both not backing down from their stance on the subject and Gwendlyn likes it. Janelle called out Kody for declaring that he didn’t want his and Christine’s daughter Ysabel returning to school in person. She asked Kody at what point his life can or will return to normal. In a confessional Janelle admits she’s crossing a line but the frustration of it all is weighing on her. She said she can’t keep her mouth shut and doesn’t think it is fair for Ysabel to have to choose between her dad and her friends. Gwendlyn commented on Janelle being blunt by saying, “I love her getting confident! That’s hot of her. Janelle’s cool as hell.”

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Christine also stands up to Kody

Christine notes in the conference call that Gwendlyn and Ysabel are both at home while she is in Utah. The hopes were that Kody would go see his children since Christine was in Utah with Mykelti whom is about to give birth. Kody asks if Christine scheduled a Covid test for the kids. Christine spatted back at Kody that she is 17 years old and can schedule her own test. Kody replied that normally that is something Christine would have done.

The children just want a relationship with their dad. Gwendlyn commented that the kids just want Kody to show up. She said, “I know he has a lot of good excuses, but at the same time, we want our dad to show up. It’s tough when there’s a lot of kids.”

What do you think about Gwendlyn loving Janelle’s new confidence and her mom’s independence?

Stay tuned for more updates on the Sister Wives family.

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