Gwendlyn Brown Shocks With Brutally Honest Truth About Robyn

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About a month ago, Gwendlyn Brown admitted she didn’t care for Robyn Brown. She fessed up that she really didn’t have a relationship with Robyn or Meri. She also spilled some major tea by revealing that Robyn is even less friendly and less appealing in person than she is on camera.

Now, watching episodes of Sister Wives Season 17 for the first time and recording her reactions to them, Gwendlyn is reminded of just how much she doesn’t care for Robyn.

Yesterday, Gwendlyn Brown uploaded her very first video to her YouTube channel. The video was 20 minutes long. She spliced together herself watching and reacting to various parts of Season 17, Episode 2. Naturally, she opted to cut some things out as she didn’t want to upload a YouTube video that was an hour long.

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What exactly did Gwendlyn Brown have to say about Robyn?

In addition to reacting to the episode, Gwendlyn also answers a few questions sent to her by fans. One fan asked her if her feelings toward her father Kody or Robyn have changed after watching episodes of Sister Wives Season 17. While she admitted she wasn’t sure if her answer was fair or valid, she did her best to answer the question anyway.

I do feel less about Robyn from watching this, but I feel like that’s not very fair from me ’cause I don’t really like her as a person. So, it’s probably not a completely valid response. But watching her makes me like her less for sure.”

Now, this answer didn’t come as a total shock as fans were already well-aware of the fact that Gwendlyn didn’t care for Robyn. Fans, however, were happy that Gwendlyn felt comfortable and safe enough to share how watching what her father was willing to say on television made her feel.

If you haven’t checked out Gwendlyn’s YouTube video, you can check it out down below:

What did fans say about her first video?

For the most part, fans agreed that it was crystal clear this was Christine Brown’s daughter speaking to them. Fans appreciated that she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind while still trying to do so in a way that was considerate of what others were thinking and feeling.

Gwendlyn Brown - YouTube/TLC
Gwendlyn Brown – YouTube/TLC

One Sister Wives fan penned: “Gwendlyn is so her mother’s daughter. Kind, articulate, passionate & not afraid to speak her mind, while also doing her best to see others’ perspectives.”

A second fan chimed in: “I love this reaction. Gwen is so sarcasticly funny, but at the same time very fair to both her parents and the other wives. And it’s nice to hear Gwen say she see him trying more with her.”

Overall, fans were grateful that Gwendlyn made this video. And, they hoped she would continue making more for the rest of the season.

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    seems like you didnt pay much attention to what was being said
    Gwendlyn never trashed Meri, actually said she loved her

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