‘Tokyo Revengers’ Teases Season 2 Ahead Of Release

tokyo revengers season 2 matsuno
Nick Davis

Tokyo Revengers is finally coming back in 2023 with its second season after a year-long hiatus. Both the highly-successful first season and the live-action film have fans ready and yearning for these new episodes. Season 2 is now just around the corner with a release date of January 8th. And just ahead of that rapidly-approaching drop date, we got a massive teaser for the new season to build hype one last time.

The Newest Season

tokyo revengers season 2 opening card
The logo for Season 2 of ‘Tokyo Revengers’

The opening theme for Season 2 of Tokyo Revengers recently hit the internet. It showcases a lot of what we can expect from this upcoming season ,from returning characters, new characters, and the arcs we’ll be dealing with. Once again we’re returning to Hanagaki as he tries to change his past to prevent a tragedy in his present. Most of the opening focuses on emotional shots of essentially every main character we’ll be seeing this season. This season is going to begin by covering the famous “Christmas Showdown” arc from the manga. That showdown is going to be one of the biggest brawls in the anime thus far.

The Tokyo Revengers manga just ended with its final volume in November of 2022, giving us an end in sight for the anime as well. Although, there are 3o volumes, so we’ll still get at least a couple more seasons after Season 2, more than likely. It is currently in the top 40 highest-selling manga of all time with over 70 million copies in circulation. Pretty massive numbers for a series that’s only been around for just over 5 years.

Tokyo Revengers On Disney+

tokyo revengers season 2 main characters
More returning characters in Season 2 of ‘Tokyo Revengers’

In an interesting move for the big anime, rather than Crunchyroll, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is actually coming to Disney+. This makes Tokyo Revengers probably the biggest anime series on the Disney+ streaming platform as of right now. Considering the massive record-breaking achievements of the manga, as well as the popularity of the first season of the anime, it’s no wonder Disney wants the show for itself.

This is a huge power play by the service to try and compete with Crunchyroll, which currently dominates the North American anime streaming market. We’ll see if Disney+ has any more big anime content coming to its platform in the future. But for now, their few shows like Tokyo Revengers and Summer Time Rendering may be enough to pull some fans over to the platform.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 premieres January 8th on Disney+ in the US. The entirety of Season 1 is available for streaming on the service now.

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