Luke Parker Shares Engagement, ‘Friends To Forever’

Luke Parker is off the market now and has finally found what he’s been praying for. Bachelor Nation first met Luke on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He often got into arguments with other contestants and came off as arrogant to some. Hannah and Luke had a huge disagreement during Fantasy Suites. He had questioned Hannah’s faith and if she planned to sleep with any of the contestants. More so, he expressed that he didn’t believe in being intimate before marriage.

Hannah quickly put him in his place and she told him that he had no right to judge her. Luke has spent his time after the show growing his faith-based social media and competing in Crossfit games. Now Luke has finally found his forever in a fellow Crossfit champion athlete, Jennifer Frudaker.

Did He Get The Villian Edit?

Luke Parker spoke out quickly after leaving the show and said he was edited unfairly. As we reported,  he broke a contract with the production company of The Bachelorette when he went on podcasts and talked about his experience. His contract forbid any unauthorized appearance in the media for a year after the show aired. He was ordered to pay damages for $100,000.

Some fans of the show truly felt like he was misunderstood and that the producers made sure to edit it so he looked unstable. His brother spoke out after the show saying he’d gotten death threats and that people were painting him as mentally ill due to a fictional reality show character. Some fans bought into that while others still think his true personality shone through. Now, Luke is trying to put all of that behind him.

Luke Parker Is Engaged!

Luke Parker shared adorable pictures from his engagement with Jennifer. The couple is wearing matching white long-sleeve shirts and jeans. There are pictures of the proposal and one of her showing off the ring. Luke captioned the photo, “from friends to forever.” Luke noted that the two of them are, “the perfect fit.” He said he’d been on the hunt for a wife of noble character for a while. Plus, the two are devoted to their faith and one another.

Luke Parker, YouTube
Luke Parker, YouTube

Jen also commented on the post. She said she’d watched Luke, “live out the fruits of the spirit,” for two years. First, she was a friend and then his girlfriend. In her stories, she shared friends and family surprised them with a party to celebrate their engagement. She shared a picture with some of the guests saying her friends really know how to keep a secret.

Luke Parker, Jennifer F, Instagram
Luke Parker, Jennifer F, Instagram

Friends And Family Wished Them Well

In another picture in his story, Luke Parker shared a photo of the couple with the family. He captioned it, “nothing like a family surprise.” On a picture with more family members, his sister-in-law said, “welcoming Jennifer into the family today.” Some of Bachelor Nation also shared their congratulations. Clayton Echard said, “congrats man.” Garrett Powell said, “congrats brother.”

What do you think about Luke Parker’s engagement? Were you on Hannah’s side when it came to their argument or did you think he was misunderstood? Comment with your thoughts below.

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