Amy Robach Laughs Off ‘GMA’ Affair On Instagram?

Amy Robach Sunlit Selfie [Amy Robach | Instagram]

Amy Robach is back on social media after the GMA affair broke. She went dark on Instagram at the time the news leaked. Amy has kept a brave face amid the streets of New York City. She has since traveled to Atlanta and now Miami to spend New Year’s with her boyfriend TJ Holmes. Amy shared a cryptic Instagram post right before the alleged affair made headlines.

The fallen GMA3 anchor is “trying to keep a straight face”

Amy Robach admitted that she’s having a hard time not laughing in the face of scrutiny. She reactivated her Instagram account but hasn’t posted anything since. The television co-host also hasn’t shared anything on her Instagram Stories either. Her last Instagram post was on November 24, which was six days before Daily Mail leaked the details of her alleged six-month affair with TJ.

Amy Robach Cab Selfie [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]
The photo shows Amy Robach in the streets of Prague, Czechia. She captioned the shot: “Me trying to keep a straight face.” This couldl’ve been her way of responding to the affair. She’s letting that photo speak for itself. In the snapshot, Amy wore a gray leopard print coat over a gray sweater and black pants.

The GMA co-host clutched her belongings as she looked directly at the camera and laughed. In her Instagram post, Amy wished her followers a Happy Thanksgiving as she celebrated the holiday season. It’s sure to be an interesting one for Amy and her family amid the affair rumors.

Amy Robach Travels To Prague [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]
As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Amy and TJ reportedly had a blue Christmas in New York City. Their Good Morning America colleagues shunned them in light of the affair rumors. It also caused problems with their respective families. Both Amy and TJ share children from previous marriages. The two probably traveled to get away from the drama of their inner circle.

Amy Robach resurfaces on Instagram with limitations

Just because Amy Robach is back on Instagram doesn’t mean she’s willing to talk about what happened. She limited comments on her Instagram post. This means that fans are unable to share their reaction to what has happened in the past few weeks. In a previous Instagram post, she snapped a selfie of herself in her car.

Amy Robach Holds Gold Medal [Amy Robach | Instagram]
[Amy Robach | Instagram]
Amy Robach looked glamorous in the photo. She wore a tiny green top underneath a camel-colored coat. In the other photo, she was joined by two ladies. They attended the very last show of The Phantom of the Opera. Amy captioned the post: “NYC cab to see one of the classic broadway shows once again before it’s finally curtains!

Other posts showed her running in the NYC Marathon alongside TJ Holmes and hanging out with friends. She hasn’t shared many family photos in recent months. What are your thoughts on Amy Robach resurfacing on Instagram? Do you think she’s laughing off the affair? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Give Amy Robach and TJ Holmes their jobs back and allow life to move forward. They were performing their jobs well and helped to increase viewers!!!!

    Everyone will be okay!

  2. people who have affairs, are not who I want to convey news, a symbol of truth and honesty. I’ve been the victim of an affair a few times, I am still with her, guess I am a glutton for punishment. it’s been a year since she ended her last work place relationship and we moved states, but the my heart’s wounds are as fresh as the paint being brushed upon a new canvas…

    if she and her co worker had any shred of decency they would have ended their respective relationships and made their moves after the fact, not before. cheaters waste people’s lives, their love, time, emotions, hopes, dreams, security, the thought that they had their one and only and you have your one and only to travel through life together.

  3. I have not watched gma since Amy and Tj got taking off the air Robin Robert’s gio Sam champion David muir all hid in th3 closets are they fired for not disclosing

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