Tori Roloff DONE With TLC Twisting Her Story?

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff on LPBW | YouTube

Little People Big World star Tori Roloff is tired of TLC twisting her story and that of her family. However. at the same time, Tori said she was thankful for the show when it comes to some other areas.

Here is what Tori said about TLC and her time on the show.

Tori Roloff tired of TLC twisting her story

Reality TV stars should know before they get involved with a show that their story will never be accurate. The shows exist for one reason. They exist to entertain audiences. There is nothing interesting about people who all get along with no drama every day. Even if reality TV stars get along most of the time, the shows will display drama most of the time.

Tori Roloff on LPBW | YouTube

This happens on all reality TV shows, with dating shows the worst when it comes to drumming up drama when it might not otherwise exist. However, shows about families are also big when it comes to bringing drama into the proceedings. This has happened a lot in Little People Big World according to Tori Roloff.

Tori had a Q&A with fans on Instagram Stories and someone asked her what the “favorite and least favorite” about filming Little People Big World was. Her least favorite part was how TLC edits their lives on the show, making people believe things that might not completely be true.

She wrote, “All the misconceptions people have of us and our family because they only get to see what TLC shows them” when talking about her least favorite part of filming LPBW. However, she also said her favorite part was experiencing “cool things” and meeting “awesome people.” She said it is nice sharing their story “sort of” with these people.

Tori Roloff and Zach Roloff on LPBW | YouTube

Tori Roloff said her end is near on LPBW

Tori Roloff also said that her and Zach Rolloff’s time on the show was coming to an end soon. A fan asked in the Q&A how long they would remain on the show. “I think our time is definitely coming to a close but we’re trying to enjoy it while it’s here!” Tori said in response.

If Zach and Tori leave LPBW, they will mark the end of an era since they are the last of Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff’s children to still appear on the show. Jeremy Roloff left the show in 2018, leaving the series with his wife Audrey. Molly Roloff her husband Joel and Jacob Roloff along with his wife Isabel have also walked away from the show.

The drama concerning the sale of Roloff Farms caused a split in the family when Matt decided not to sell the farm to Zach. As a result, Zach and Tori Roloff moved to Battle Ground, Washington, with their three kids in October 2021.

Does Tori Roloff have a legitimate argument about how TLC portrays her on LPBW? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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