‘Love After Lockup’ Maurice Gipson’s SHOCKING New Charges

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Love After Lockup alum Maurice Gipson is in extremely hot water with his shocking new charges. He has gotten arrested twice in two months but apparently thinks he has done nothing wrong. However, Maurice remains locked up once again and still has to try to rectify this in a little more than a week. So, what are the charges the former reality star is facing? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Maurice Gipson’s SHOCKING New Charges

Maurice Gipson’s time on the outside has been very on and off. Now, he has been locked up once again with a 315K bail. It all started back on October 23 when he was arrested for a bevy of different things, per @rewatchreality:

  • possession for sale of a designated controlled substance
  • possession of narcotic controlled substance
  • conspiracy to commit a crime
  • grand theft
  • warrants or holds only

Maurice Gipson/YouTube

Then, fast forward to Christmas Eve, just a day over two months later and Maurice Gipson was arrested again. Here are his new charges and they are even more shocking and extreme:

  • assault w/deadly weapon or assault w/force likely to produce GBI
  • burglary
  • grand theft
  • evasion of a peace officer- wrong side of median

When he was arrested on the 24th, his bond was at 315K with his next court date set up for December 28th. Then, on According to Amber, she revealed that Maurice Gipson went on to plead “Not Guilty” to all of his charges. This means that he will be assigned a public defender until the pre-trial conference on January 6th, 2023. Then the preliminary hearing will follow just four days later on January 10th. One big issue for Maurice is that his theft occurred at a retail store so Amber feels that, despite saying he’s not guilty, there will be camera footage.

What Happens After That?

The former Love After Lockup star has a lot of evidence to dispute his plea. It is believed that the $950+ stolen merch was on his person or obtained. Plus, he did take police on a high-speed chase where he ended up in the opposite median. To add to this, Maurice Gipson was just in trouble back in October and had some issues last year. So, this will all be taken into account as he just cannot seem to stay out of trouble. As for his lady, Mandy, she completely cleaned up shop when it comes to her social media. She does not want any evidence pointed out when it comes to their activities.

Maurice Gipson/YouTube

However, it was noted that she wore blue the day he was arraigned which apparently related to some interesting people that he might be affiliated. Anyway, she was showing her support for her man. Yet, despite attempting to keep her Instagram clean, she cannot stop posting to her stories, trying to paint Maurice as the victim. Additionally, she thinks that those who are talking about him in the press are thirsty yet everyone is just trying to make heads or tails of the situation.

What do you think of Maurice Gipson’s new charges and do you think he will be going away for a long time? Let us know and watch new episodes of Love After Lockup Friday on WeTV.

*UPDATE: As of 430 am this morning, Maurice had posted bail. Of course, we will keep you updated with all that happens in early January.*

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