‘Love After Lockup’: Maurice Gipson Arrested and Back in Jail

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson

Love After Lockup cast member Maurice Gipson (Jessica Gipson’s husband) is back behind bars based on the latest court records. What did the WEtv felon do this time to wind up back in the clink?

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson Seemingly Turned Things Around with Jessica Gipson

Following Jessica Gipson’s season of Love After Lockup with Maurice Gipson, it looked like the felon might be on his way to turning his life around. Whether he would turn back to his life of crime was always a concern for his WEtv wife. But it seemed like he would do what he had to do to provide for his family.

One of the initial obstacles for the pair on Love After Lockup was winning over Jessica Gipson’s parents. Jessica’s parents want what’s best for her. And they didn’t like the idea of her shacking up with a felon. In fact, her sister even cut her out of her life for a time due to her relationship with Maurice.

Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson - Jessica Gipson
Love After Lockup: Maurice Gipson – Jessica Gipson/YouTube

WEtv Couple Started Their Lives as a Family

As Love After Lockup watchers know, Maurice Gipson eventually won over Jessica Gipson’s parents. And they tied the knot for the second time during a proper ceremony. And they had friends and family around to support them. Meanwhile, Jessica Gipson also gave birth to the couple’s son.

Where they would live was a major concern initially on Love After Lockup. But they eventually settled in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, the latest updates from Jessica Gipson don’t include Maurice. And now it’s clear why – he is back in jail based on the latest court records.

Love After Lockup Star Back to His Criminal Ways

Turns out, Love After Lockup star Maurice Gipson is back behind bars in California. Meanwhile, records indicate that he was arrested and booked on February 25. But his specific charge isn’t listed. Whatever crime he committed, it’s listed as a felony. And making matters worse for him, he has no bail set.

Meanwhile, Maurice Gipson’s next Love After Lockup court date is on March 17. There’s also a possibility his past criminal history comes into play during sentencing. So this is certainly a situation to watch as it develops. So far, Jessica Gipson hasn’t spoken out about her husband’s latest arrest. But that could change as more details become available.

Toward the end of their Love After Lockup season, a lot of viewers rooted for this couple. But Maurice’s latest criminal activity puts time with his family on hold indefinitely. This is particularly tough with his young son being under a year old. But at least for the time being, things don’t look good with Maurice Gipson back behind bars.

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