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How Denise Austin Gets Bikini-Ready At Age 65


Denise Austin shared some of her secrets to getting bikini-ready at 65. It’s no surprise that she can confidently wear one at her age. The fitness fanatic has always loved going to the gym. Denise has inspired millions of Americans to lose weight and get active in the comfort of their own homes.

She’s made her love for fitness a big business. Denise recently starred alongside her daughter Katie Austin in the 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show in Miami. The two walked the runway hand-in-hand in string bikinis. Now, the fitness instructor is sharing some of her secrets.

Katie & Denise Austin [Tamron Hall | YouTube]
[Tamron Hall | YouTube]

65-year-old stuns in string bikini

Katie and Denise Austin walked the runway on July 16, 2022. Her daughter wore a beige string bikini, while she rocked a brown string bikini. Katie first appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2021 in their annual Swim Search. She returned this year as their official rookie.

Her mom joined the magazine as well. Denise shared her thoughts on donning a bikini during the runway show. She felt that she might as well take on the opportunity. Denise never imagined this opportunity would happen late in her career.

“For [SI] to even ask me at 65 years old to be in a bikini — I mean, it was a huge thrill and I just went for it,” Denise Austin told Fox News. “What the heck?”

There’s no denying that she looks great for her age. It was about more than just showing off her body in a bikini. Denise hopes to inspire other women her age to realize it’s never too late to kickstart their health goals. Many Americans will be heading to the gym by the New Year.

However, it takes more than just starting a new fitness routine. Denise Austin shared some of her secrets. She revealed how she got bikini-ready on that runway. People can use her tips to get bikini-ready by summer 2023.

Denise Austin shares her bikini-ready tips

It doesn’t start by spending hours at the gym. Instead, the television personality advises women to begin with what they got. Denise wants women to love the body they’re currently in. She also stresses the importance of having a positive attitude.

“First, love the body you’re in. Do the best that you can,” Denise Austin said. “I truly believe in having a good attitude. It truly comes from within.”

The rest of the components will come into place. Denise also mentioned “Exercise, eating right, having a good attitude, a good night’s sleep” is the key to getting bikini-ready and living a “healthy lifestyle.”

“I want women to truly try their very best to eat healthily and to move more,” Denise Austin continued. “That’s my message. I have always said that for all these 40 years, just do the best that you can. That is the key.”

It could lead to more significant benefits in the long run. Denise Austin became popular due to her fast and easy workouts such as “8-Minute Abs’ and “Daily Workout.” The 80s aerobics class has become trendy once again with women. Denise says getting started with exercise can be as easy as walking.

Her daily fitness routine

Denise Austin also shared her daily fitness routine. She admits that she only works out 30 minutes a day. Her main focus is getting her steps in. Otherwise, she does a combination of cardio, toning, and stretching. Just starting “three days a week” is enough to get results.

What are your thoughts on how Denise Austin gets bikini-ready? Are you impressed? What are your New Year’s goals? Sound off below in the comment section.

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