Kim Kardashian Does It ‘BIG TIME’ Featured On Sports Illustrated Cover


Kim Kardashian has had a whirlwind of a year. She has admitted that she is now figuring out exactly who she is since leaving Kanye West. Now, she is embracing her inner vixen with a huge cover shoot.

Kim Kardashian’s Major Milestones

After freeing herself from Kanye West, Kim struggled to understand who she is without him. In the recent episode of The Kardashians, she revealed she had no idea who she was when it came to fashion. Prior to West, she was one of the three main Kardashian sisters. Then, Kanye dressed her for everything. That was his love language so he literally had come in and overhauled her entire wardrobe. Despite separating prior, he helped style her for her SNL appearance, which she nailed. Unfortunately, that was truly the nail in the coffin for their relationship. He actually walked out during her monologue.


Yet the appearance gave her the confidence boost she needed and even connected her with her new love, Pete Davidson. Following SNL, Kim was on her own in the styling department. It was Scott Disick who had to remind her that she had everything that she needed to succeed, which she did. Soon, it was time for her to take the baby bar for the last time which was a huge stressor. Luckily, she passed last December and was on the final journey to becoming a lawyer. Furthermore, The Kardashians became a ratings hit for Hulu so she is consistently on top. Now, she is taking on a magazine cover some only dream of.

Swimsuit Season

Every year, Sports Illustrated releases its Swimsuit Edition. This year, Kim Kardashian is one of the four cover models. The covers were revealed this morning on Good Morning America, according to SI. Joining her is Grammy-winning artist, Ciara who is also a model and has been since 2016. Maye Musk has been a model for 50+ years but is also a practicing dietician. She takes up the third cover. Rounding out the diverse lineup is Yumi Nu. This is her second year as a model for SI, is a singer-songwriter, and runs a plus-sized clothing company.

It is always a huge deal to be chosen for the magazine but even bigger to be featured on the cover. It is a coveted position that has become even more expansive and diverse over the years. This is just another amazing milestone in Kim’s career without Kanye that she should be extremely proud of. Are you surprised she is a cover model for the Swimsuit Edition? Let us know in the comments and watch The Kardashians Thursdays on Hulu.


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