‘Today’ Hoda Kotb Rectifies Jenna Bush Hager’s Awkward Goof-Up

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Today show’s Hoda Kotb was recently pushed to correct her co-host, Jenna Bush Hager after she committed an awkward goof-up. The mother of three had an embarrassing moment during the pre-recorded cooking segment of the show that featured guest chef Ryan Scott. Why did Hoda have to correct her co-host? What was the goof-up about? Keep reading to find out the details!

Jenna Bush Hager Continues Talking Over Guest Chef Ryan Scott

On the Thursday episode, Hoda and Jenna hosted the cooking segment together as Ryan showed how to prepare a delicious Dutch baby pancake. Among the two hosts, Jenna seemed particularly excited to taste the food and kept talking over the guest. Once the pancake was ready, Jenna and Hoda were handed a plate each to taste.

Jenna Bush Hager Hoda Kotb Ryan Scott YouTube Today

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As Hoda gobbled up the tasty food, she said, “Get over here! Get on it!”

“Oh my God! Wait, wait, wait! The sausage, the apple, the egg, the maple!” she continued admiring the food explaining how good it tasted.

Hoda Kotb Explains How Sweet & Savory Are Different

Jenna too dug into her plate and appreciated the chef’s effort and said, “Oh my God! You did it! It’s sweet and savory!”

As she turned her attention to the crew, she queried, “Or are sweet and savory the same thing?”

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Several crew members replied to the co-host with a big, “No” as Hoda echoed that. She corrected Jenna confirming that “Sweet and savory are the opposite!”

“But do you know what I mean?” asked a confused Jenna. However, it was clear no one in the studio understood what she really meant.

Jenna Blasts Hoda Kotb For Her Make-Up Malfunction

However, this wasn’t the only embarrassing moment she had recently on the talk show. The 41-year-old suffered an awkward makeup malfunction and blasted Hoda for not making her aware of the issue sooner. In the segment as reported by The Sun, the hosts discussed some of the highly stressful TV scenes in 2022. Yet, it was Jenna’s stressful situation that caught her co-host’s eye.

As Jenna sat staring at the camera trying to figure out the direction of the show, Hoda glimpsed at her and realized something was wrong with her co-host’s make-up. However, it seemed like the 58-year-old had caught on to it way earlier.

Jenna Bush Hager Hoda Kotb YouTube Today

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“Go like this,” she told Jenna, as she pretended to wipe something off her own front teeth. A surprised and embarrassed Jenna asked, “I have lipstick on my teeth again?”

Hoda laughed as she admitted, “No, it’s still from before.”

Although Jenna was glad to have the lipstick stain off her teeth, she seemed disappointed at her co-host for bringing it up so late in the show.

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