‘Star Trek,’ Mudd’s Women Ruth, Maggie Thrett Dead At 76

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Sad news for fans of Star Trek as a very memorable face from the “Mudd’s Women” episode named Maggie Thrett has been confirmed dead at the age of 76 by her family. Holding down a career as both an actress and a singer, Maggie is best known for playing Ruth in the “Mudd’s Women” episode of the OG Star Trek. Has anything been revealed about her cause of death? Plus, take a closer look at her life down below.

Star Trek: Mudd’s Women Ruth, Maggie Thrett Dead At 76

As Deadline reminds us, “Mudd’s Women” is considered by many to be one of the most memorable episodes of Star Trek from the 1960s. The episode highlighted three absolutely gorgeous women including Maggie Thrett, Karen Steele, and Susan Denberg. Referred to as the Mudd’s women, they seemed to have strong powers over all of the male Enterprise crew members (with the exception of Spock).

Back in 2017, Maggie admitted to author, Tom Lisanti that she was surprised her role in a single episode of Star Trek is what she’s considered “best known for.”

I am forever in TV history. At least it was not bad so I am not embarrassed by it. Some company contacted me to sell my autograph on these Star Trek cards. They pay me to and they resell at these Star Trek conventions. I was invited once but it didn’t work out.”

Maggie also recalled having to fight to get the pay she deserved for her memorable role in that Star Trek episode: “I remember we hit Golden Overtime that day [of filming]. We were there from about 4 in the morning to about 9 or 10 at night. You are passed regular overtime and are into triple overtime. They didn’t want to pay. I had to fight for it through the Screen Actors Guild. They don’t like when you do that and hurts your chances to be on the show again. I got my money and no surprise was never invited back. Years later I got a letter from Gene Roddenberry to forfeit my residuals and to donate them to his charity. I declined.”

In addition to Star Trek, she appeared in a few other notable titles including The Wild, Wild WestI Dream of Jeannie, and McCloud.

She also starred alongside Christopher Jones, Judy Pace, and Yvette Mimieux in the 1968 comedy called Three In The Attic.

The Internet Mourns Her Passing

Star Trek has a massive fan base that just continues to grow. So, it is no surprise that many have taken to social media to mourn her passing despite her just playing a character in a single episode of the franchise. Here some some of the social media tributes to Maggie:

Rest in peace, Maggie Thrett.

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