Kim Kardashian Doubles Down On Efforts To Become A Lawyer

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Kim Kardashian is now doubling down on her efforts to become a lawyer. For years, fans have wondered if the reality star will really ever become a lawyer or if it was all a show. However, the latest revelations by her mentor Jessica Jackson suggest that the mother of four is now working harder than ever to ace her bar exam. What did her mentor reveal about her journey to become a lawyer? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kim Kardashian Is Under The Mentorship Of Jessica Jackson

The 42-year-old was inspired by her father, Robert Kardashian, who was also a successful lawyer. He worked on the O.J. Simpson case in 1995 and ever since, Kim has been very passionate about criminal justice reform. She wishes to help the ones that were wrongfully convicted. The Kardashians star is currently studying to become a lawyer under Jessica’s mentorship and the latter praised the reality star’s hard work.

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Although she passed her Baby Bar exam in 2021 after three failed attempts, the SKIMS owner still has a tough road ahead to becoming a qualified lawyer. In a conversation with the Law & Crime network, Jessica explained how the reality star has been working hard to pass the Bar exam. The socialite is currently doing a four-year apprenticeship under Jessica’s watch.

Kim Kardashian Has To Pass The Bar Exam To Be A Lawyer

Kim started the process of becoming a lawyer in 2019, just a year after she lobbied former President Donald Trump to sign a bill assisting prison and sentencing reform. However, the SKNN owner won’t be able to call herself a lawyer until she successfully passes the Bar exam.

Given that Kim isn’t opting for an undergraduate degree, she is taking an unusual route to becoming a lawyer. Instead of going to college, the reality star is currently studying under a mentor. Jessica explained, “Now I will tell you, that is a much, much harder path. Because you’re essentially not just working on cases the whole time, but you don’t have professors, you’re having to learn all of the legal doctrines yourself.”

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“You have to be self-motivated to crack open these old law books and learn all the cases. You’re having to figure it out it’s very, very difficult,” she further explained.

Jessica Jackson Praised Kim For Being A Powerhouse

The mentor also praised her student for using her status as a celebrity to raise awareness about justice issues. She explained how Kim has helped changed the narrative on criminal justice reform. Praising her student, Jessica also said, “She’s incredible, just such a powerhouse. She’s an entrepreneur, she’s a mom, she’s also a law student.”

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The 40-year-old American attorney also revealed how Kim is prioritizing her legal studies. The baby bar is mandatory for first-year law students that attend unaccredited schools in order to continue legal studies.

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