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Fans Feel Kim Kardashian Is ‘Lying’ About Law Future

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Kim Kardashian has proudly shown off her law school journey since the beginning. She even shared the highs and lows of taking the baby bar which she did not initially pass. It took her four tries in order to successfully pass, a moment that was captured in Season 1 of The Kardashians. Since she is not doing law school the traditional way, there is a different structure she must follow. She is not studying in a classroom but rather under other lawyers who will guide her. However, while discussing what it has been like so far, fans became a tad leery about her transparency.  Read on for more.

Kim Kardashian’s Becoming A Lawyer, So She Says

During an appearance on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Kim opened up about how she was doing in school. She shared that she actually did some schoolwork on the way to the interview. The host asked how she was feeling being back in school. “It’s definitely really challenging time-wise because with kids, and I have a lot going on, but I value the experience so much better now,” Kim shared. She noted that her course load is easier due to her being older.”I value the information so much more now, and I grasp the concept so easy now.”

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However, according to The Sun, fans were a tad skeptical of what Kim had to say. They did not believe that she was being completely forthright with James. There were some questions as to whether or not Kim was lying about how far she had come with her law career and was being honest about her goals.

  • “I don’t believe anything she says.”
  • “I agree. I feel one of these days, the lies are going to catch up with all of them. However, I feel Kim believes the image is more important than reality. She has to portray herself as a woman who could have everything if she puts her mind to it, which helps sell her brand.”

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One fan mo0cked the idea of Kim doing schoolwork on the way to the interview by simply saying: “Sure, Jan.” It’s fair to believe that Kim is not one hundred percent dedicated to her studies. She is constantly starting new work endeavors while traveling to lavish places for events. At the same time, when she does believe in a cause, she rallies as hard as she can. So maybe activist is in her future?

What’s Next For Kim?

There’s a lot to look forward to for Kim Kardashian. The mother of four shared she would like to find a man who is not in the entertainment industry. She realizes that it has not worked out so well for her so far so she is ready to change it up. The mogul parted ways with her boyfriend of nine months, Pete Davidson back in early August. Now, Kim is focused on her SKIMS line as well as the upcoming season of The Kardashians which airs September 22 on Hulu.

Do you think she is being completely honest about her law school journey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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