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‘Doctor Who’ Anniversary Special Trailer Introduces A New Villain


BBC’s sci-fi fantasy series Doctor Who shared a fresh new trailer for its 60th anniversary special that is slated to air in later 2023. The new clip shared with fans a look at David Tennant reprising his role as the 14th Doctor. However, what made the trailer even more special was the introduction of a new unnamed villain portrayed by a familiar face. Who is this new villain? Keep reading to find out the details!

David Tennant Is The Only Doctor To Be Reincarnated Twice

The trailer arrives just in time for Christmas. However, fans will have to wait for long before the special actually airs. This is the first time a Doctor has been reincarnated twice. Earlier, the actor took up the mantle of being the 10th Doctor after the Christopher Eccleston who served as the 9th. The specials might also open doors to placing Ncuti Gatwa as the 15th Doctor. However, David isn’t the only familiar face to become a part of the series.

David Tennant Doctor Who BBC YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

After BBC teased a release of the footage, the network finally revealed the first Doctor Who 2023 specials trailer. As per ComicBook, the clip offers a good look at Tennant while also introducing Neil Patrick Harris as an eccentric villain. However, the teaser didn’t provide an introduction as to who the actor will play in the series. It seems he might have some form of involvement in the 14th Doctor retaining the appearance of the 10th one.

Is Neil Patrick Harris Cast As The Toymaker In Doctor Who Specials?

The teaser also provided a small glimpse of a Toy Emporium. When one pairs that with the grandiose appearance of Neil’s character, it seems he could play a new version of the notorious Toymaker.

Neil Patrick Harris YouTube Doctor Who

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Former Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss had also hinted in the past that a Toymaker might make a comeback. However, nothing has been confirmed and fans will have to wait for November 2023 to find out what actually happens.

Donna Temple Returns As The 14th Doctor Who Companion

Another familiar face that returns for the specials is Donna Temple-Noble who was a companion to David Tennant. Donna was a great asset to the Doctor throughout his adventures. Yet, she also becomes the one to save the universe in the finale episode. Tragically, it cost her memories of her travels with the Doctor as reviving it would cause her brain to burn up as explained by the Doctor.

Donna Temple Doctor Who YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The 2023 specials trailer will focus largely on this arc with Tennant’s Doctor attempting to avoid being seen by her. Despite Donna being in a grave danger, he tries not to be seen by his former companion.

Do you think Neil Patrick Harris’ character marks the Toymaker’s return? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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