Will There Be New ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Episode On Christmas Day?


Will there be a new Yellowstone Season 5 episode airing on Paramount on Christmas Day? There is no better way than ending a holiday meal with time at the Dutton ranch.

We have that answer as well as information on the Dutton Family Holiday Marathon. Here is the latest information.

Will Yellowstone  Premiere A New Episode On Christmas Day?

Yellowstone will not premiere a new episode on Christmas Day. The next new episode will not air until 2023. However, Paramount will be hosting a Dutton Family marathon in lieu of a new episode.


When Is The Final Episode Of The First Half Of Season 5 Premiering?

The premiere of Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 8 is on Sunday, January 1, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount. According to IMDb, the episode is called “A Knife And No Coin.”

The episode promises a major cliffhanger. This is what is in the synopsis.

Jamie goes through with his plan; John has a request for Monica and lends support to an unexpected friend; the Yellowstone cowboys embark on a big change; a flashback reveals a source of Rip’s loyalty.

Yellowstone Season 5 includes 14 episodes. This was to be divided into two. However, because the first episode was supersized, two full episodes, they did not end it with the last episode entitled “The Dream Is Not Me.”

Instead, they are ending the first half with Episode 8. That means the second half of Season 5 will consist of six episodes.

When Is The Second Half Of Yellowstone Season 5 Premiering?

When will Yellowstone Season 5, Part 2 premiere? Originally, the reports were that it would return on January 8. However, that is not the case. This was just misinformation.

Moreover, Paramount has not made an official announcement about the series premiere. Hopefully, they will announce the premiere of the second half in early 2023.


Don’t Miss The Dutton Family Holiday Marathon

On Christmas Day, Paramount has a special day for Yellowstone fans. This is called the Dutton Family Holiday Marathon. Staring at 10 a.m., Eastern, they are airing a cornucopia of episodes of the OG series, as well as episodes from both prequel spinoffs.

They are kicking off with the first two episodes of 1883, the prequel that stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Next, they are airing the first seven episodes of Yellowstone Season 5. This allows viewers the ability to catch up with the series. This also is a good refresher for next week’s mid-season final episode.

Lastly, Paramount is airing the new prequel spinoff 1923 that stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. This new series has smashed records for a premiere episode for the network. Moreover, this new series introduces more Duttons that help piece together the fascinating history of this family who will do anything to protect their land and their way of life.

Don’t miss Season 5, Episode 8 of Yellowstone’s mid-season final on Sunday, January 1, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Paramount.

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