How Long Is ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Taking A Break?


The upcoming episode of Yellowstone Season 5 is the last one of 2022. That is because the Paramount Network series is going on hiatus.

When should fans expect to see the remainder of the new season of the series that stars Kevin Costner, who was just nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as John Dutton? Moreover, what will they watch when they wait for the new episodes to return?

Yellowstone Season 5 Is Going On Hiatus

On Sunday, December 19, Yellowstone Season 5 is going on a hiatus. They will be airing the seventh and final episode before they go on a break.

The Paramount  Network has revealed that the second part will premiere on Sunday, January 8, at 8 p.m., Eastern.


Why Is Season 5 Split Into Two Parts?

Yellowstone Season 5 is a supersized season with a total of 14 episodes. Therefore, the season is equally divided into two parts.

With a longer season, the wait for Season 5 would have taken much longer to premiere. This way, fans get a taste of what is coming up, and a slight hiatus before the second part of Season 5 premieres.

In addition, dividing up a season like this allows for more drama. This means twice as many chances for cliffhangers.

What Is Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 7 About?

According to Carter Matt, the final episode of Yellowstone Season 5, Part 1 is called “The Dream Is Not Me.”

While Paramount Network has not released a synopsis, this title could cause fans of the series to think of who this is about. Is a romantic relationship about to fail? Or, could there be some other drama boiling up in this first-half, final episode?

Don’t Miss The Premiere Of Yellowstone Spinoff 1923

On Sunday, December 18, at 9 p.m., Eastern, Yellowstone fans can watch the premiere of 1923. This series stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, as Jacob and Cara Dutton. Jacob is the brother of James Dutton (Tim McGraw), who died chasing horse thieves. Also starring in the series is James Badge Dale, as John Dutton Sr., part of the new generation of Duttons.

The series, originally called 1932, will include some significant historical events of the era. This includes the aftermath of World War I, the Spanish Flu worldwide pandemic, the Prohibition era, and the Great Depression.

All of these events will play a part in challenging the Dutton Family, as they pursue to run their ranch through some of the most difficult of circumstances.

1923 will be streaming on Sundays on Paramount+. However, the first episode will air on Sunday, December 19, at 9 p.m., Eastern, right after Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 7, on Paramount. This will be the only time viewers will see this spinoff on the regular channel.

How do you think the first part of Yellowstone Season 5 will end?


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