Tori & Audrey Roloff‘s Feud Subsides? See Photo

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Has Tori and Audrey Roloff’s feud subsided? For months, rumors have swirled that the sisters-in-law are not on good terms with each other. It’s unclear what exactly might have sparked the conflict between Zach and Jeremy’s wives. But some of the family’s followers are convinced that something went down.

It doesn’t look like there has always been some distance between Tori and Audrey. Below, you can see a photo of the sisters-in-law holding their second babies together. Audrey is holding her baby boy Bode, who will be three in January. Tori is holding her daughter Lilah, who is three years old now.

But there have been very few pictures of them together for a while now.

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So, why do fans think Tori and Audrey Roloff’s feud may have subsided? Scroll down to see the newest photo that has everyone talking.

Tori & Audrey Roloff enjoy holiday festivities together.

On her Instagram Stories this past weekend, Audrey shared a few photos of herself and her friends enjoying a holiday party at her home. Surprisingly, Tori made an appearance. Below, you can see a group photo. In it, Tori and Audrey are standing side by side and are all smiles. From the pictures Audrey shared, it doesn’t look like the sisters-in-law are feuding.

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Here’s another photo, featuring Audrey and Tori, as well as their husbands and many other friends. Once again, everything seems to be fine between Tori and Audrey Roloff, though some fans noticed Jeremy doesn’t look so happy in this shot.

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LPBW fans wonder if their feud has subsided.

On RedditLPBW fans are discussing the fact that Tori and Audrey Roloff attended a holiday gathering together. Some were surprised to see the sisters-in-law together. Since the party was at Audrey’s house, she may have been responsible for the guest list and might have made the decision to invite Tori.

Others, however, are doubtful there ever was a feud. Some think they just have different personalities and don’t hang out together as much as they used to. One fan added, “I think the opinion comes from the fact that they used to post pictures of one another all the time on Instagram with sappy captions about being sisters. They don’t do that anymore, but I personally don’t think it means they are feuding.”

At this point, there is no confirmation that the sisters-in-law were ever feuding. And the two of them attending a party together isn’t proof their feud has subsided.

So, do you think this is a good sign that Tori and Audrey Roloff’s feud has finally subsided? Or do you think more might be going on behind the scenes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest LPBW news. New episodes of Little People, Big World air Tuesdays on TLC and are also available to stream on-demand on discovery+.

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