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What Is The Truth On Tori & Audrey Roloff’s Relationship?

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Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff and her sister-in-law, Tori, who’s still on the show, used to be close. From their old social media posts, it looked like the two women were good friends. After all, they were both a part of TLC’s LPBW and both married Roloff men.

For a while, they posted photos of each other and spent time with one another. Tori has two kids, Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 2, while Audrey has three kids, Ember, 4, Bode, 2, and Radley, 4 months. Plus, Tori has another baby on the way. So, their kids are all very close in age. The two moms used to post pictures of their kids together, but for some reason, they haven’t done so in a while.

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But now, fans think they might know what’s going on between Tori and Audrey Roloff. They think that something might have caused a rift between them.

Does Tori and Audrey Roloff’s social media activity give insight into their relationship?

On RedditLittle People, Big World fans and critics have been talking about Audrey and Tori’s relationship. Previously, fans wondered why Tori and Audrey Roloff didn’t interact with one another online. Fans thought it was odd that they don’t like or comment on each other’s posts.

One fan explains, “I honestly never believed Audrey was best friends and ‘seesters’ with Tori. I thought that was a put on for the cameras. Frankly, I always thought it was fairly obvious that Audrey could barely tolerate any of Jeremy’s family and the whole “friendship” with Zach and Tory was really forced and colored by some very bitter resentment over Zach and Tory having the first and most special grandson.”

However, some fans think that their lack of social media interactions isn’t enough evidence that Tori and Audrey Roloff don’t get along. They do think there are other signs, though.

One fan argues, “Yeah, like, I have my reasons for thinking Tori and Audrey aren’t besties, but their social media interactions have no bearing. They both have monetized their social media so we’re not going to see very much genuine interaction there with any family members.”

Unfortunately, fans may never learn the full truth about these sisters-in-law. But maybe they will pick up on more hints about what’s going on behind the scenes.

So, do you agree that it seems like Tori and Audrey Roloff don’t actually get along? Do you think that something might have happened between them at some point? Let us know what you think about it all in the comments section below. For more LPBW news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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