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Why Does Jeremy Roloff Look Miserable Among Sea Of Smiles?

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LPBW fans are wondering why Jeremy Roloff looks so miserable while standing in a sea of smiling faces. The former TLC star was at a fun, festive event but couldn’t put on a happy face to take a group photo. So, why does he seem so miserable these days? Keep reading to see the photo and see what fans are saying. 

Countless times in the past, fans have discussed how miserable and unhappy Jeremy Roloff seems in his marriage to Audrey. For some reason, he doesn’t look very happy these days. Some have even speculated that they will end up splitting up in the future. 

Audrey Roloff Instagram - Jeremy Roloff

At this point, Jeremy hasn’t addressed fans’ concerns about his happiness. But he does continue to look miserable in new photos.

Jeremy Roloff looks unhappy at a festive event. 

Over the weekend, Jeremy and Audrey hosted a Christmas party at their home. At the event, everyone got together for a group photo. Audrey shared one of the group photos on her Instagram Stories for fans to see. Zach and Tori Roloff also made an appearance. 

Below, you can see the photo and see just how unhappy Jeremy looks.

Audrey Roloff Instagram - Jeremy Roloff

On Reddit, LPBW fans are discussing Jeremy Roloff’s appearance. Many are confused. One fan said, “Jeremy looks absolutely miserable. I think he is probably unhappy that his wife is the main character and breadwinner in the family.” 

Someone called him “so sad,” while another wrote, “In every photo I have seen him in recently he looks so disgruntled or just meh. Something isn’t working for them.”

Yet another added, “Literally everybody in this picture is smiling. Even Tori and Zach. What is Jeremy’s deal? He just hates life now or something.”

Some think he didn’t smile because he was dressed as Clark Griswald from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s also possible that Jeremy wanted to tease the fans who constantly assume he’s miserable. But right now, it’s unknown why exactly he looks so miserable. On social media, fans don’t get the full story and only see glimpses into Jeremy’s life. So, it’s hard to know what he’s feeling. 

So, why do you think Jeremy Roloff looks so miserable in a sea of smiles? Do you think he’s truly unhappy in his marriage or in life, in general? Sound off in the comments section below and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news. 

Though Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are no longer on Little People, Big World, you can catch up with other family members when a new episode airs on Tuesday, Dec. 20 on TLC. 

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