Deavan Clegg’s Son Taeyang Hospitalization Update: Feeding Tube

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Deavan Clegg of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance posted a hospitalization update on her son Taeyang just as she promised to do. About 14 hours ago, she posted a photo of her son from his hospital bed as she shared what was going on with him and why they were at the hospital. Approximately seven hours ago, Deavan took to Instagram again. This time she went live with a short video as she provided Instagram with a verbal update on the situation.

Why was Deavan Clegg’s son Taeyang hospitalized?

As TvShowsAce reported yesterday, Taeyang was hospitalized because he was having a bad reaction to his chemo. His mother reported he was in a lot of pain and was unable to eat food. Per her post from 14 hours ago, Taeyang has now gone nearly a week without consuming any food. So, the doctors are going to give him a small feeding tube to make sure he is getting the nutrients his body needs.

Deavan Clegg’s Son Taeyang
Deavan Clegg’s Son Taeyang

She penned in her hospitalization update: “We will be in the hospital for a couple days.. we are really hoping he will get better in time for Christmas. If not we will have Christmas at the hospital for T.”

Now, Deavan Clegg has high hopes her son’s health will turn around so they can celebrate Christmas from their own home. But, she acknowledges there is a possibility they will be doing Christmas of 2022 at the hospital.

The TLC mother admits she’s been terrified by the side effects of Taeyang’s body reacting poorly to chemo. She explained that two days ago, he developed a weird rash on his body. He started getting nosebleeds that would last for two to three hours. Her son became frail and lost his color. His energy was so low he lost his voice and hasn’t spoken in days. Deavan added what scared her the most was watching her son’s top lip peel off his body.

She concluded her post from 14 hours ago: “They are working on healing his skin and getting him back to health. Hopefully we won’t be here long.”

Second hospitalization update from TLC mother

With messy hair pulled up into a bun, an exhausted-looking Deavan Clegg of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance went live on Instagram very briefly about 7 hours ago with an update n her son Taeyang. She explained that her father was at the hospital with her son because she needed to run home and back a bag as he was going to be in the hospital for at least a few days. The video was only about four minutes long. Check the video down below:

Deavan Clegg explained that Taeyang hasn’t eaten in nearly a week because of the ulcers in his mouth. She added that a dermatology team is treating her son to heal his skin and tend to his lip. She explained they were also treating his nose for nosebleeds so they can insert a feeding tube.

Sadly, the TLC personality added she didn’t have time to answer any specific questions because she needed to get back to her son at the hospital. But, she said she would post more updates when they were available.

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