’90 Day Fiance’ UPDATE: How Is Taeyang Faring These Days?

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90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg has had a cluster of emotions. No sooner after she announced she was pregnant with her third child did her world fall apart. At the end of May 2022, Deavan shared the devastating news that her son, Taeyang has cancer. It is anticipated to be a two-year rollercoaster for him to ultimately come out the other side. However, the whole process of recovery could take five years. Along with her mother, Deavan has tried to share updates with her followers who desperately want to know what is going on with the little boy. Now they are back with another one.

A 90 Day Fiance Update

Deavan Clegg took to Instagram to share what is going on with her beautiful three-year-old. She took her followers through a day in his life and explained they are at the hospital one to two days per week. Fortunately, Taeyang is doing well with treatment and he continues to be a little fighter. Deavan noted that they are truly grateful for all that has been sent to their P.O. Box as well as donated to GoFundMe. They are on the precipice of reaching their 30K goal though the fundraiser has been set at 50K.

She is grateful to everyone who has contributed to the GFM and has gotten them this far. It was set up by her mother, Elicia, and will help with a bevy of expenses. Above all, the next handful of years will be extremely expensive and, with Taeyang being so young, he will need 24/7 care. Again, as his mother has said repeatedly, he is a fighter. Now, the GoFundMe did have an alarming update. It explained that Taeyang had been getting nosebleeds.

Deavan Clegg/YouTube
Deavan Clegg/YouTube

This was initially a cause for concern as it could have affected his platelet count. Fortunately, he was one of the lucky ones who remained unaffected and was able to proceed with his chemo. He will move on to a more aggressive form of treatment in the coming days and there are allergic reactions to this. More so, Grandma Elicia still has no idea how families sit with their kids and watch the process as it is so heartbreaking.

Moving On

90 Day Fiance fans have sadly seen how Deavan and Taeyang’s father, Jihoon Lee fell apart in their relationship. Yet, it seems he knows what is going on with his son but is not really present. As of now, Deavan and Topher Park are expecting their first baby together, which they announced back in May. Fans have been worried about Deavan and how the stress could impact her. Moreover, they want her to take time for herself. Lastly, it seems like she just wants peace of mind and that will take some time. Fortunately, she has a great support system and a little superhero in her young man.

Finally, are you amazed by Taeyang’s strength? More so, can you believe how much he smiles through it all? Let us know in the comments.

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