‘Sister Wives’ Fans Grossed Out As Kody Brown Pants Like Dog?

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Sister Wives fans are grossed out after Kody Brown demeaned two of his wives comparing them to dogs in the latest season’s Tell-All episode. Fans rushed to condemn the Brown family patriarch over the humiliating portrayal of Janelle and Christine Brown on TV. What did the 53-year-old say that irked fans? Keep reading to find out the details!

Meri And Janelle Brown Are Separated From Kody Brown

During the one-on-one interview with host Sukanya Krishnan, Kody shared his real feelings about the broken marriages with Janelle and Christine. The Tell-All episode that aired on December 18, confirmed that apart from Christine, Janelle, and Meri are no longer spiritually married to Kody.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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So, the only wife he is married to now is Robyn. For a long time, Kody has wanted to be in a monogamous relationship with Robyn and it looks like he got his wish.

Kody Brown Compares Janelle And Christine To Panting Dogs

Recalling the past when Christine and Janelle joined the family as Kody’s wives, he shared, “Christine asked to be in the family, Janelle asked to be in the family, and basically, I said, ‘If you want to be in the family you have to understand that you need to run your will to mine. I’m going to be the head of the family, I’ve got two wives I have to take care of, and I have a big picture. Will you understand that, will you help me with it?’”

This is when Kody impersonated a panting dog and compared it to Christine and Janelle stating, “And they’re like ‘yeah, pick me, pick me.’ I mean, literally.”

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Disappointed and crossed at Kody’s rude comment, several Sister Wives fans called him out on social media. On Reddit, a fan shared the clip from the Tell-All episode and wrote that Kody acted like they were panting.

“Pick me, pick me, pick me. Like he’s such a freaking prize,” wrote another.

Was Christine Really Desperate To Marry Kody Brown?

However, one fan claimed that there might be some truth to Kody’s statement. They stated that Christine’s own account of their courtship in the initial seasons of Sister Wives showcased that she had a huge crush on him and was socially awkward. So, it isn’t completely impossible that she acted a bit desperate to be a part of Kody’s plural marriage arrangement.

“This was so upsetting. His children see this. Shame on him,” said a third Redditor.

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A fourth claimed, “I think this was an accurate description…. Of Robyn wanting in the family.”

“His behavior was disgusting. Also, I thought he pursued Janelle?” wondered the fifth fan.

What do you think of Kody’s demeaning portrayal of his ex-wives as panting dogs? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Kody is now an unwanted dog so he is uncomplimentary to the women who supported him,raised wonder children and now have no use for his “patriarcy”. Has anyone seen this self absorbed balding, overgrown child dance? He is way to impressed with his own inadequacies.

  2. Kody Brown us a jerk. He has really become disgusting and he wants women to “bow” to him. I think he deserves Robyn because she is a whiney witch. Robyn has not contributed to the family businesses or income. She has always been a taker, not a giver. Having a nanny or maid, so what does she do all day? I really believe she is/was a gold digger.
    It was disgusting watching Kody drool all over the 2 older girls. I was really grossed out. I no longer watch SW because of the Kody/Robyn drama. Too sickening.

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