‘Teen Mom’ Chelsea Houska Shares Daughter Is Seriously Ill

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One of Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska’s daughters is seriously ill right now. The mother of four shared what was going on in her home, healthwise, via Instagram. It has not been easy whatsoever especially with her daughter being so ill. So, what is wrong with her? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska Shares Daughter Is Seriously Ill

Chelsea took to her Instagram to share that her daughter is very sick. In fact, her whole household has been hit hard by illness and it has been a scary time for the mother of four. According to The Sun, Chelsea’s daughter, Layne is down with the flu. She was seen snuggling with her mama in a red and white holiday dress. The little one apparently had been wearing red lipstick, the reason unknown, but it was now smeared all over.

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“Flu bug has been taking the DeBoers out. Still rocking lipstick tho,” Chelsea captioned the photo of the tot, relaxing on mama. Along with Layne, the former 16 & Pregnant star has three other children. She shares Watson and Walker with her husband, Cole DeBoer along with her teenage daughter, Aubree from a previous relationship.

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Though the family has been sick and poor Layne looks visible down for the count, the whole family has a lot to look forward to. Their new HGTV show, Down Home Fab, is set to start streaming on Discovery+ next month. In fact, the exact start date is Monday, January 16th for all of the Chelsea fans that are interested and excited. It will feature six episodes that are an hour long each all about renovating featuring Chelsea and Cole. So far, they seem to make a dynamic team.

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It took some time but Chelsea Houska finally found her way as a mother. She started out as a teen mother dating Adam Lind. Their relationship was extremely toxic though she kept taking him back. It was all documented and she tried to make a little family for herself and her daughter, Aubree, now 13. Finally, she had it and eventually met Cole who immediately embraced her as a single mother. Aubree also adored him and he slid into the role of dad quite easily.


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Soon, they started their own little family and got married. The DeBoers now included Aubree, Watson, Layne, and little Walker. Along with the renovation show, Chelsea also works on and promotes clothing lines, LaurieBelles and Aubree Says. It seems she has finally found her sweet spot and everything has fallen into place. She just has to get the nasty sickness out of her home and her babies all better, especially little Layne.

What did you think of Chelsea’s daughter’s little sick style? Was Layne trying her hardest to shine despite being really ill? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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