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$4M Lawsuit Against Chelsea Houska Delayed By Judge, Why?

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The $4M lawsuit against Teen Mom star Chelsea Houska has been delayed by the judge and everyone is asking the same question: Why?

What is the former MTV star being sued for, exactly?

According to The Sun, a $3M lawsuit was filed against Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole DeBoer back in 202 by a consulting company called Envy. Within the lawsuit, the company alleged the couple was withholding money that was made via social media promotions.

The lawsuit escalated to $4M after Envy filed an Amended Complaint which added Chelsea and Cole’s home company Down Home DeBoer, Dakota Ln LLC, a decor business named Aubree Says, and DeBoer Holding Company as defendants.

'Teen Mom' Fans Slam Chelsea Houska For Photoshopping Kid Again? [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]

Why did the judge delay the $4M lawsuit against Chelsea Houska?

According to The Sun, Chelsea, her husband Cole, and their companies penned a letter to the judge asking for a delay on the lawsuit. They requested the case be delayed till January 31 so they could complete fact discovery as well as depositions. The outlet reveals that court documents confirm the judge did approve the request for the delay. So, the discovery has been pushed back to January 31st.

This, in turn, pushes the deadline for pre-motion letters back to February 17th and the opposition letter deadline has been pushed back to February 28th.

Chelsea Houska Photoshopping Controversy [MTV | YouTube]
[MTV | YouTube]
The letter requesting the delay reads: “The parties have been working vigorously and in good faith to complete discovery, including exchanging supplemental discovery requests and responses and working to schedule and complete the remaining depositions. Defendants have also produced expert discovery.”

However, based on the breadth of the remaining discovery, the anticipated deponents’ existing scheduling obligations, and Plaintiff’s counsel’s business obligations, both sides agree that we are unable to complete discovery by November 30.”

The delay is convenient for Chelsea Houska’s new TV show

Turns out, this delay works out really well for Chelsea Houska and her husband Cole as their new TV series on HGTV titled Down Home Fab is slated to premiere on January 16th. The outlet goes on to report the HGTV show is just a mini-series consisting of six episodes.

The official synopsis for the HGTV series reads: “After building their own dream house in 2020, Chelsea and Cole strike out to “continue their passion of building and designing while helping other couples do the same.”

Chelsea Houska Ripped For Costly Home Decor [Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]
[Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]
Will you be checking out Chelsea’s new series on HGTV? Down Home Fab is slated to premiere only on HGTV on January 16, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT. The series will also be available for streaming via Discovery Plus.

Did you know Chelsea Houska and her husband were being sued for $4M? What do you think of the judge’s decision to delay the lawsuit? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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