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Chelsea Houska Puts Children In Terrifyingly Dangerous Situation

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Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska was slammed on Instagram after fans believe she put her children in danger to take a cute photo. While some agree that Chelsea put her kids in a dangerous situation, others think people are overreacting. Keep reading and let us know what you think.

People Love To Hate Chelsea Houska

A lot of what Chelsea shares online is about her children. She has four kids, Aubree, 12, Watson, 5, Layne, 3, and Walker, 1. The three youngest are with her husband Cole DeBoer. However, Aubree is Chelsea’s daughter with her ex Adam Lind who has never really been present. Sharing so much information about her family on the internet has opened Chelsea up to a lot of scrutinies. More so, when people think she’s being a lousy parent or over-editing her photos.

Last week, Chelsea was slammed for allowing her pre-teen daughter to eat considerably messy food on her perfect white couch. In the snap Chelsea posted, Aubree can be seen tucked in on the sparkling white couch with sushi and an array of sauces. There was even soup and edamame included in the spread. The photo, which appeared on Chelsea’s Instagram Stories, said the pair were setting up for a “TV show and sushi day.”

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Credit: Reddit

Fans online said no way! “That makes me crazy nervous with the color of the couch. That better be scotch guarded,” one person wrote on Reddit. Additionally, many people responded in agreeance. “That’s all I could think too. Using a light ottoman as a buffet,” another person said.

The latest buzz about Chelsea on Reddit isn’t as light-hearted though. Many people are debating whether or not she put her kids in a dangerous situation to take a picture for Instagram.

Did She Put Her Kids In Danger?

On Sunday, Chelsea posted a few snapshots of the family throughout the week. She captioned the series of pictures “Week in the life of the DeBoers.” Aubree, Watson, Layne, Cole, Chelsea, and even one of the family’s llamas made it into the post.

In the background of a photo of her husband, fans can see her new $750,000 farmhouse. She posed for a silly selfie with Aubree in one and another photo showed a “behind the scenes” shot of Cole on camera. However, these aren’t the pictures that had fans questioning whether or not Chelsea put her little ones in danger.

For instance, the post started out with an adorable photo of Watson and Layne sitting on the top of a tractor. The next showed Watson playing around, standing on the side of the tractor. Many of her followers took to the comments to tell her how cute her photos were. However, others took to Reddit to discuss whether or not this was safe.

Chelsea Houska - Instagram/Chelsea DeBoer

Credit: Instagram/Chelsea DeBoer

One person pointed out, “That tractor has never been used. Look at the nubbies on the tires.” A few folks responded stating that it was for aesthetic and photo ops. That said, some people still didn’t think it was safe. What do you think? Did Chelsea Houska put her children in danger or are people overreacting? Let us know in the comments below.

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