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Adam Busby Questions How He Got So Lucky

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Adam Busby took a break from being the family photographer and paid to have some professional photos taken of his family that he didn’t have to take. The OutDaughtered star took to Instagram recently to treat fans to one of the gorgeous photos they got taken.

In the caption, the TLC star doted on his beautiful wife and his growing girls. He admitted he wasn’t sure what he did to get so incredibly lucky that he was surrounded by such beauty. What did this sweet family photo look like? And, how did his 1.3M Instagram followers react to this beauty-packed photo? Scroll down for all the details.

Danielle Busby Instagram, Adam Busby
Adam Busby – Danielle – Instagram

Adam Busby questions his luck

Attached to an incredible family photo, Adam Busby admits he has no idea how he got so lucky as to be surrounded by so much beauty in his life. He also admitted that his girls were growing so quickly. Like most parents, fans assume Adam and his gorgeous wife Danielle wish time would slow down just a little bit.

Turns out, this incredible photo featured the proud father standing beside Blayke Busby with the quints lined up in front of them. In the comments, fans admitted they thought Blayke was Danielle at first glance and wondered why Blayke was missing from the photo. In actuality, this photo was just a beautiful moment of Adam with his six little princesses.

The girls and their father stood in front of a white background for this photo. Parker stood in the middle with a huge smile on her face. Identical twins Ava and LuLu Busby wore matching dresses (that were the same color as big sister Blayke) while standing on either side of Parker. Hazel and Riley stood on the ends with Riley closest to Adam and Hazel close to her big sister Blayke.

Check out the incredible photo down below:


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OutDaughtered fans react to precious photo

Unsurprisingly, there was nothing but love from Adam’s massive Instagram following. As mentioned previously, it took fans a minute to realize Blayke was in the picture as she has gotten so tall. Some fans wondered where Danielle was at this moment. But, they also appreciated the girls getting to have a photo alone with their father. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “Oh my gosh! Blake is so tall! They are all beautiful young ladies.”
  • “I thought blayke was Danielle at first glance.”
  • “Just be glad that God chose you to be the father of those 6 beautiful girls.”
  • “Girl dad!!!” 
Adam Busby Instagram, OutDaughtered
Adam Busby – Instagram

What did you think of the gorgeous photo Adam Busby posted on his profile? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more OutDaughtered news.


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