Adam Busby Tells Fans They’re Filming Something Special

Adam Busby | Instagram

It’s been a long time since fans have gotten to see the OutDaughtered crew on TV. Now, Adam Busby is teasing something pretty exciting. It looks like the family has been filming something after all.

Adam Busby gets fans excited

OutDaughtered hasn’t had a new episode since 2021. Seeing as it’s nearly been two years, of course, fans are starting to get anxious and sad that there hasn’t been another season. Some even thought it was safe to say that the show is canceled. However, now, there seems to be hope that the family could be filming something new and exciting for their fans.

Adam Busby took to Instagram to share a post with his followers. In the photo, his daughter Ava can be seen holding what looks like a giant camera for TV. She has a big smile on her face as she holds it up on her shoulders. Of course, this picture instantly got everyone’s hopes up.

Adam Busby | Instagram
Adam Busby | Instagram

“No YouTube video this weekend, because Ava(well…and the rest of us) has been working on something special for you guys,” he starts his caption. He then urges everyone to head to their Youtube channel for the big news. “Make sure you go subscribe and enable notification on our “it’s a Buzzworld” YouTube channel, so you don’t miss any thing we have been working on! #itsabuzzworld #OutDaughtered,” he finishes.

Fans and followers flocked to the comments to speculate what could possibly be going on with the TLC family. Could this finally be the new season of the show everyone has been hoping for?

  • “Please tell me she’s holding that camera because y’all are coming back to my tv screen🤞”
  • “Dont we get to se your lovely family on TLC again? 😢🙏🏼”
  • “When is Outdaughtered coming back??”

Even Uncle Dale got involved writing: “What’s with the camera?”


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A post shared by Adam Busby (@adambuzz)

This isn’t the first time fans have gotten their hopes up

Of course, this isn’t the first time the family has been spotted with cameras. Just recently, there were filming crews inside of Graeson Bee boutique, AKA Danielle Busby’s store.

Fans instantly thought that it meant the show was filming once again. However, they were disappointed to learn that the crew was there for a totally unrelated reason.

However, at least this time, fans do know something exciting is coming for them! It looks like they may just have to wait until Adam posts whatever the news is on the family Youtube channel.

Instagram - Reddit
Instagram – Reddit

What do you think the family is working on with their new film project? Is Adam Busby hinting at a new show? Let us know what you think it is in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC shows.

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