‘Witch Mountain’ Franchise Gets A New Life At Disney+

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The popular Witch Mountain movie franchise finally gets a new life at Disney+. The movies are now being rebooted as TV series for the streaming platform. Produced by Walt Disney Productions, the movies are based on the novel Escape To Witch Mountain authored by Alexander Key which was released in 1968. When will the series premiere on Disney+? Keep reading to find out the details!

Bryce Dallas Howard Cast In Witch Mountain TV Adaptation

The series has roped in Jurassic World franchise star Bryce Dallas Howard as the lead alongside Isabel Gravitt, Bianca Norwood, Jackson Kelly, and Levi Miller as series regulars. Bryce will play a single mother, Audrey to one of the teens in the upcoming series. This modern-day spin on the franchise follows two teens that develop magic-like abilities only to later discover that their regular suburb might not be regular after all.

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The said teens, Tia and Ben will be played by Isabel and Levi. Although Tia is a straight-A student, she sees herself as a flawed individual, especially after her father’s death due to schizophrenia. She feels that she too is plagued by the same disease. To solidify her fears, she starts experiencing hallucinations in which people around her astral project outside their bodies to voice their fears, desires, and even rage.

On the other hand, teen Ben takes care of his financial needs by writing papers for other students. With his hot-tempered personality, he is always at risk of being expelled. However, he recently made a troubling and puzzling discovery that he can force others in his vicinity to his will.

When Will Witch Mountain Premiere On Disney+?

As reported by ComicBook, the original movie franchise has a total of five movies released to date. Its first movie came out in 1975 titled Escape To Witch Mountain followed by:

  • Return From Witch Mountain (1978)
  • Beyond Witch Mountain (1982)
  • Disney’s Escape To Witch Mountain (1995)
  • Race To Witch Mountain (2009)

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The Witch Mountain series was first green-lit for a pilot in March 2021 and is co-written by Travis Fickett and Terry Matalas. With John Fox and John Davis serving as the series’ producers, it will be a joint venture between Davis Entertainment and Disney Platform Distribution. As of now, there is no expected premiere date for the series.

Witch Mountain Pilot Episode Is Shot At Delta Secondary School

Furthermore, it was confirmed that the former Delta Secondary School will have a big role in the upcoming series. The series’ crew and cast moved into the school last week to film several parts of its pilot episode. They filmed in and around the building last week and even used some special effects created with smoke. The school started in 1924 and closed in 2019. However, this isn’t the only show filmed by Disney at Delta in 2022. Back in May, the company shot several scenes for its family comedy series Mathinated.

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