Kanye West Says He’s NOT Bipolar, He’s Autistic

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“Kanye West autistic” is currently trending on Twitter and if you are wondering why it is because he claimed he was on the spectrum during a recent interview. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband explained that he wasn’t bipolar and he wasn’t going through some sort of mental breakdown. The rapper insisted he is “slightly autistic,” and because people don’t know that they don’t understand him.

What else did Kanye West have to say about being on the spectrum? And, how does the internet feel about his claims? Keep reading for all the details.

Kanye West says he’s NOT bipolar, he’s autistic

During a recent interview, Kanye explains the reason why he’s so talented and able to dabble in so many different things is that he’s on the spectrum. Kanye proceeded to add that in being autistic, there was really only one thing he couldn’t do. The rapper explained that because of his autism, he was unable to have hate in his heart. He loves everyone and everything.

Kanye West Rambling To Jimmy Kimmel [Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]
[Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]
Speaking to the individual interviewing him, Kanye asked if they had ever known an individual on the spectrum that had hate in their heart.  He added that anytime someone encourages him to hate something he has an impossible time wrapping his mind around how to do that.

Kanye also admitted that being autistic gave him superpowers similar to Rainman.

How does the internet feel about his claim?

The fact that “Kanye West autistic” is trending on Twitter means the internet does have something to say about his claims. The question is: What are they saying? For the most part, those reacting to the information were not too happy. Many agreed Kanye was making a mockery of the ASD community with this claim. Others questioned if he had a doctor officially diagnose him as autistic or if he was just making this claim on his own.

Here’s what some people had to say in response to Kanye’s claim:

  • “This is shameful and harmful to those who actually have/ or are autistic.”
  • “Being autistic is not sufficient to cause, justify, or excuse support for racism, fascism, or other character defects.”

There were, however, some people who agreed with the diagnosis and noted that Kanye being on the spectrum just made sense.

Here’s what one individual had to say about it: “Asperger’s most likely. It was always kinda obvious the way he never smiles. He needs real people around him, the only way he is coping right now is by completely rejecting any confrontation that includes the people trying to help him. He’s choosing his instincts over rationale.”

Overall, there seemed to be a clear divide between people who agreed Kanye could be on the spectrum and those who thought Kanye making this claim was just insulting. What do you think about Kanye potentially being on the spectrum? Let us know in the comments down below.


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