Kanye West Has Suffered Yet Another Loss

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Kanye West has suffered yet another loss since his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Since their marriage ended, he has found himself at the center of rumors and many controversies. His hateful and sometimes very confusing rants in interviews and on his social media accounts have him losing business partners and deals with many name brands such as Adidas. Unfortunately, this new loss is just another thing in a long list of disasters for the rapper.

Kanye West
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Kanye West

As many people know, Kanye is often thought of as one of the most influential rappers and musicians of all time. He has been nominated for nearly eight hundred awards and won almost three hundred. These awards are primarily for his work as a musician. In addition, Kanye West, or Ye, has won praise for his work as a rapper, writer, and producer and a few design awards. Beyond his work as an artist, Ye is well known for his marriage and then divorce from beauty mogul Kim Kardashian. The two share four children.

Kim and Kanye

Honorary Degree

Colleges will often bestow honorary degrees on celebrities, and Ye is no exception. In 2015, Kanye West proudly accepted an award from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He became officially known as Dr. Kanye West. Later, Ye and Kim named their third child Chicago. The city is Mr. West’s hometown. While Kanye has lectured a few times at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has also spent some time teaching at the prestigious Oxford University in England. 


No stranger to controversies, Ye has had several difficult years due to his own actions. Beyond his work as a musician, Kanye has been expanding his career into the fashion industry. However, Mr. West has begun appearing on many shows spouting sentiments of hate. He often makes anti-Semetic comments and other concerning, hateful statements. Sadly, due to these controversies, Ye has begun to lose business deals, and other artists are refusing to ever work with him again.

 Revocation Of Degree 

The School of the Art Insitute of Chicago is the most recent partner to cut ties with Kanye West. After a student-led petition gathered more than four thousand signatures, the school decided to revoke his degree. The school released a statement sharing its feelings about the things that Ye has been advertising lately. The administration condemned his behavior as “indefensible.” Calling the decision “difficult,” The School of the Art Institute of Chicago mourned that they had never had to make this choice before. 

While Ye has not publicly commented on losing his degree, he is likely unhappy with the school’s decision. However, fans have applauded the school for taking a stand against hate. Whether or not Kanye learns his lesson on being careful what he says has yet to be seen.

Allie Johnson


  1. Questioning if a successful full grown adult has “learned his lesson” is so ick. This is purely cancel culture going off again, mob mentality. No one is allowed to share a different opinion or have free thought. Not a single one of the people going off know Ye personally. Do we know why he said certain things? Ye is one of a kind and incredibly intelligent. I wish we could have calm discussions about someone’s thought process. We are all different but expected to agree with the masses. I believe this was all thought out and a plan was hatched. why would he want to be canceled? I have theories but I would love if my words cause someone to pause and improve their life by holding judgement and asking more questions of people who think differently instead of immediately demanding cancelation. Expand your own mind by learning about others cognitive processes. I couldn’t live with myself if I only mimicked the thoughts of others, letting the masses tell you how to think and feel. Is that what anyone wants? Robots, clones, zombies, Americans.

  2. Your thoughts or opinions should never be stolen from you God a lot of times though should be who you share it with.

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