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Did Kim Kardashian Come Out On Top In Her Divorce?

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Fans wonder if Kim Kardashian came out on top in her divorce. Earlier this week, the former spouses finalized their divorce. It was a long time coming. Kim filed for divorce in February 2021, which caused a back-and-forth exchange of words in and out of court.

She also wanted to be declared legally single. This happened during her nine-month relationship with comedian Pete Davidson. According to a new report, Kim has secured a plan that will leave Kanye with “consequences” for his actions. The rapper has been under fire for making antisemitic comments in recent months.

Kim Kardashian [SNL | YouTube]
[SNL | YouTube]

Will Kanye West receive the consequences for his actions?

Accountability is on everyone’s minds when it comes to Kanye West and his antisemitic social media posts and comments. Kim Kardashian wants her ex-husband to be held accountable. A legal expert revealed to The U.S. Sun that she has set a plan in place for his manic behavior.

He recently took part in a disturbing interview on InfoWars. The former “Gold Digger” rapper wore a black mask that covered his entire face. Ye didn’t want to show his face for the duration of the interview. However, it was clear that the podcast’s hosts were speaking to the rapper.

Kim Kardashian Raps [SNL | YouTube]
[SNL | YouTube]
Kanye didn’t hide his feelings for his antisemitism. Family lawyer Holly Davis shared her opinion on the former couple’s divorce settlement. She thinks that Kim Kardashian was smart to come out on top.

“What is clever about Kim Kardashian setting the child support figure at $200,000 a month right now, in the middle of Ye’s antisemitic comments and self-destruction in the eyes of the public, is that it will be difficult for him to try to modify his child support to a lower amount based on being ‘canceled by the public’ or losing sponsorships in the future.”

On Wednesday, November 30, court documents revealed that Kim and Kanye are now divorced. They reached an agreement on everything, such as child support, custody, and property division. Kanye went through a series of lawyers during their divorce battle. The two finally agreed to settle outside of social media and within the court system.

Kim Kardashian comes out on top, cashes in

Kim Kardashian is coming out on top financially in this divorce. Kanye has agreed to pay $200,000 per month for their four children. The funds will be wired directly into the reality star’s bank account. Even though Ye lost his billionaire status and is fighting the IRS, he will have to pay up every month.

However, Holly feels that he won’t follow through on that agreement. Kim Kardashian didn’t want him to modify the amount just because he lost out on sponsorships. She feels that it’s enough to address their kids’ needs. If Kanye doesn’t follow through on the plan, Kim will become the sole “decision-maker” on matters associated with their children.

Kim Kardashian [SNL | YouTube]
[SNL | YouTube]
As a result, Kim Kardashian has more power over her ex-husband. His “mental health and inability to follow court orders” could’ve delayed divorce proceedings. Kim wants Kanye to “meditate,” but he refuses to. The SKIMS founder has the upper hand because she does most of the parenting.

How the custody agreement will work out

Kanye is financially strapped because of his lost business deals. He will have to rely on his investment returns, real estate transactions, and royalties from his music to make the child support payments. The former Yeezy designer claimed he lost “two billion dollars in a day” after he was dropped by Adidas, Balenciaga, and GAP.

What are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian coming out on top in the divorce? Does this surprise you? Do you think Kanye will pay his share of child support? Sound off below in the comment section.

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