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Courtney Waldrop Shares Blu Porking Out In Cute Clip

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop shared a cute clip of her five-year-old son, Blu, porking out. Of course, TLC fans can’t get enough of this adorable video and love Blu’s behavior when it comes to food. Keep reading to check it out.

This weekend, Courtney and Eric’s sextuplets reached a very special milestone. They turned five years old on Dec. 11. As the family celebrated this big day, Courtney shared several current and throwback pictures of Blu, Tag, Layke, Rawlings, Rivers, and Rayne.

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Then, she put the spotlight on Blu as he went all out at his birthday party and enjoyed some delicious food.

Courtney Waldrop Shares Blu Porking Out In Cute Clip

In a new Instagram post on Tuesday morning, Courtney treated Sweet Home Sextuplets fans to an adorable video of Blu. It looks like it was taken at a family birthday party this weekend to celebrate the sextuplets turning five years old. There are family and friends in the background filling their plates, while Blu is wearing a long-sleeved shirt that reads, “Hi Five Crew.”  He and his siblings all wore matching ones on their birthday.

In the video, Blu is sitting at the kitchen table chowing down. He’s eating beans and barely taking a break between bites. Alongside the beans, he appears to have potato chips and pulled pork on his plate. But he’s only eating the beans.

Courtney Waldrop wrote, “Somebody get this boy some more beans!!” Then she added that her son is cracking her up. She added a song called, “I’m So Hungry” over the cute clip.

You can check out the video below.

Sweet Home Sextuplets Fans Love New Video

Of course, Courtney Waldrop’s fans love to see new photos and videos of the kids. Many think that Blu is going to grow up to be a big boy after seeing him devour the beans. One fan said, “He’s gonna be big eater! Big boy.”

Another one chimed in, “I can only imagine what your food bill will be as those cute boys keep growing.”

Someone else said, “Well done Blu he’s a good eater.”

It’s safe to say that all of Courtney Waldrop’s followers loved this new video of Blu.

So, what do you think of the new video Courtney Waldrop shared of her son Blu porking out? Can you believe how much he loves beans? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

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