Eric Waldrop Seriously Ill, What’s Wrong?

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Eric Waldrop is seriously ill. His wife Courtney Waldrop informed fans of his sickness and gave everyone an update. So, what’s wrong with Eric now? Keep reading for the latest details.

The Waldrops get hit with sickness.

Unfortunately, Eric isn’t the only ill person in the Waldrop household. The whole family has been hit with sickness. With nine children, it’s impossible to prevent everyone from getting sick when one person is feeling under the weather.

On Instagram, Courtney has shared several updates to let fans know what is going on with her family. She informed fans that the flu had hit their house and that she feels like “death.”

The mother of nine was sick and has now gotten better, but Eric is now feeling sick. Fortunately, he was well enough to take care of her and the kids, and now that he finally got the flu, they’re reversing roles.

YouTube- Eric Waldrop

Eric Waldrop is seriously ill.

Over the weekend, on her Instagram Stories, Courtney shared several snaps of Eric and gave fans a full rundown about his serious illness. The father of nine relaxed on the couch with a washcloth on his forehead while laying under a blanket. His daughter Rawlings and his son Layke took some time to snuggle with him. Rawlings is feeling better, according to Courtney, so she wanted to take a photo with Eric. Courtney added that Eric Waldrop is a “good sport.”

The kids are all helping out and taking care of him. Courtney wrote:

“Eric said he felt like his head was about to explode…that’s why he has a wet towel on it.”

Below, you can see the photos she shared. As you can see, he doesn’t seem to be doing so well.

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram - Eric Waldrop

Courtney Waldrop - Instagram

Courtney also shared a post about her family’s illness on her Instagram page. She mentioned that they had “a tough week with sickness and the flu.” You can watch the video below.

Hopefully, Eric will be able to recover quickly and everyone else will stay healthy. Courtney will likely share another update soon and let fans know how the whole family is doing.

So, are you disappointed to hear that Eric Waldrop and his family have been seriously ill? Keep the Waldrops in your thoughts and prayers as they deal with the flu. And come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest updates about the former Sweet Home Sextuplets family.

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