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Rawlings Waldrop Lands In Emergency Room: Is She Okay?

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Rawlings Waldrop landed in the emergency room this weekend. Unfortunately, her mom, Courtney Waldrop, has taken many trips to the ER with her nine kiddos. With so many little ones, there are bound to be injuries. What happened to Rawlings, and is she doing okay now?

Rawlings Waldrop lands in the emergency room.

On Saturday, Courtney took to her Instagram Stories to share the sad news that she and her husband, Eric, were on their way to the emergency room with their daughter, Rawlings.

Rawlings Waldrop, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

She said, “We think Rawlings’ foot may be broke…she was climbing down from the bunk beds and fell. Hasn’t been able to walk since yesterday but hoping it’s just sprained. Heading to ER to get an x-ray.”

Unfortunately, there was a long wait at the ER due to so many kids having the flu right now. Courtney posted a selfie with her little girl and revealed how the ER trip was going. She said, “She’s a tough little booger. She can’t walk and screams if you touch her foot but as long as you’re holding her and nothing’s touching her foot she’s all smiles!!”

Below, you can see the snaps Courtney shared of Rawlings Waldrop’s day at the emergency room. Despite everything going on, she still seems to be a pretty happy girl.

Rawlings Waldrop, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Is she okay now?

After Eric, Courtney, and Rawlings Waldrop left the hospital, fans got another update. Courtney posted a photo of Eric carrying his little girl in the parking lot. She reported that Rawlings only sprained and bruised her foot and that it’s not broken.

The mother of nine also shared a couple of snaps of Rawlings in the car, revealing that she’s a “happy girl.” A few minutes later, Rawlings was fast asleep in the car after a long day at the ER.

Rawlings Waldrop, Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Hopefully, Rawlings’ foot will be feeling better in no time. As she recovers, she’s got lots of siblings to love on her and care for her. Maybe Courtney will share another update on her injury soon, so be on the lookout for that.

So, are you relieved to hear that Rawlings Waldrop is okay after landing in the emergency room? Does it surprise you that Courtney Waldrop takes so many trips to the ER with her nine children? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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