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‘SW’: Would This Family Have Survived Without Robyn Brown?

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Did the family really need to add Robyn Brown? That is a question fans are asking as the Browns continue to crumble. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody openly admitted that he is in a “dark place” with plural marriage. His remaining wives are not on the same page. That became even more evident as they all pretended to smile through the last handful of years.

Then, Christine shattered the image when she was honest and confessed she had not been happy for some time. They had been living a lie and plural marriage had not been working so well for them as they had hoped. Now, viewers are pondering how the Browns would have fared had Robyn never become wife number four.

SW: Would This Family Have Survived Without Robyn Brown?

Many fans believe that Robyn was the downfall of the family. She came in and became Kody’s favorite wife. All of his attention went right to her and the favoritism was blatant from the beginning. This begs the question of where the Browns would have been without her. A Reddit thread was started to open up this conversation. “If Robyn never joined the fam would it be a totally different outcome now, if they kept it at 3 would they have all stayed together? I’ve often wondered that, why was there the need for a 4th wife to begin with? It seemed to be ok at 3, so why rock the boat?” it started.

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To that, someone responded: “They had their issues, but they did do a lot of therapy work together to work on those. Earlier shows they do seem genuinely happy…every family has its issues and they weren’t any different. I do think Robyn was the straw that broke the camels back. Also, the OG3 had been together for years and had it kind of figured out. Then along came the new girl and that was it.”

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Another person contradicted this and felt that Kody had never actually been a good husband. The family was always moving while Janelle and Meri struggled to get along. However, one Redditor added this: “They needed a hook for TLC. Three wives and adding in another? Just the type of drama TLC loves.” There was also someone who claimed that Kdy had tried to pitch a show prior but no one wanted it.

Kody The Real Problem?

Maybe Robyn Brown has not helped the situation but fans really feel that Kody is the common denominator. He struggled with Meri and then went on to struggle with his other wives. The only one he gets along with is Robyn but this season, she admitted their marriage has been put to the test. In the series premiere, the wives said Kody needed a new wife, a fourth wife, to perk him up. Robyn did just that. As to how the wives would have evolved without her in their lives, the world will never know.

Do you think the Browns would have survived just fine without the addition of Robyn? Or has she contributed to the downfall of their plural family? Let us know and watch Sister Wives One-On-One Sunday on TLC.



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  1. Kody needs to be adore, Robyn does that, why not , she got all her past debts paid, plus million dollar house, paid for by other wife’s, he thinks he can yell, scream at other wife’s, demanding they treat like a king, I think the plan from the beginning was Robyn and Kody’s plan to get rid of other wife’s plus kids

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