Fox Cancels ‘Monarch’ After One Season Citing Low Ratings

Susan Sarandon on 'Monarch' - YouTube/Movie Coverage

Monarch aired its final episode on December 6, 2022, after only one season. After taking a gamble on the show in the fall, placing it at a primetime spot, Fox has decided to cut the program entirely due to poor ratings.

Now, many viewers are wondering whether or not Monarch will find its way back to TV or if it’s a one-and-done show. Keep reading to see what’s been revealed thus far.

Monarch Canceled After 11 Episodes

Susan Sarandon starred in the musical drama series alongside Trace Adkins, Beth Ditto, Anna Friel, Inigo Pascual, Martha Higareda, and Joshua Sasse.

The show was created by Melissa London Hilfers. Producers working on the showed included Jon Harmon Feldman, Hend Baghdady of The Jackal Group, Gail Berman, Jason Owen, and Michael Rauch.

According to the official synopsis of the series, Monarch followed Albie Roman (Adkins) who is the reigning “King” of country music. He and his wife, Dottie Cantrell Roman (Sarandon) have built a country music dynasty of sorts in Nashville. However, both Albie and his wife have a few skeletons hidden in their closets. More importantly, their empire and success are seemingly built on lies.

Susan Sarandon on 'Monarch' - YouTube/Movie Coverage

Credit: YouTube/Movie Coverage

Their daughter, Nicolette Roman (Friel), is the heir to their fortune and their legacy. She will stop at nothing to protect the family name while she works on making a name for herself at the same time.

What Happened To The Show’s Ratings?

Fox is citing low ratings as the reason behind canceling the show after just one season. Even though they positioned the program to be successful for this season, it fell flat after the first episode.

It is possible that some viewers were not interested because it didn’t focus on Susan Sarandon’s character enough. Many people thought Monarch would be a Sarandon project and that she’d be heavily featured in the show. So, many of her fans were eager to tune in.

Critics of the series were not impressed with the lack of screen time producers were giving the biggest star on the show. Giving her less screen time almost certainly led to the demise of Monarch. 

Where Can You Watch Monarch Now?

The final episode of the first season aired on December 6. Unfortunately for the few fans out there, it is also the series’ ender. Some viewers are calling for another network to pick it up, but there hasn’t been anything announced.


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Although Monarch will no longer be airing new episodes, you can still stream the 11 episodes on Hulu.

Did you watch Monarch? Are you surprised by the cancelation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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