Tayshia Adams Finally Dishes On Zac Clark Breakup

Tayshia Adams | Instagram

Tayshia Adams was The Bachelorette just two years ago, however, she’s no longer with the man she fell for on the show. Now, she’s talking about why she never discussed it and how she’s doing now that her time on Bachelor Nation is done.

Bachelorette Tayshia Adams gets real about her relationship

Tayshia Adams was on The Bachelorette in 2020 after Clare Crawley left the show. While she was there, she fell in love with Zac Clark and it really seemed that their love could be end game. However, like most Bachelor nation couples, they couldn’t make it last. However, one thing was a bit different this time. They never really talked about their breakup. Now, she’s finally dishing on why she kept it quiet.

According to Us Weekly, Tayshia wanted to keep her breakup a little quiet. Apparently, they just opted to not talk to the media about it. She says that it’s a matter of maturity in their relationship.

“Him and I both know the truth and where we stand, and I’ve actually never said anything in the media about our relationship except for [that] we’re no longer together,” she starts.

Tayshia Adams | Youtube
Tayshia Adams | Youtube

She goes on to mention that regardless of what others say, she really has never said anything to the media about her relationship with Zac.

“And I know people might think otherwise, but that’s literally the only statement we’ve ever given out. I think that’s just something about maturity and how we decided to proceed and yeah, at the end of the day, no one else needs to know anything else,” she reveals.


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What is she up to now?

Of course, everyone is left wondering what Tayshia is up to now. Well, turns out she is currently single. Apparently, she’s just been really focusing on herself and projects that she’s passionate about.

“People really want me to be in a couple relationships. … My biggest priority, truthfully, I’ve said it before, I know people don’t believe me, but it was really just working on me,” she says.

Additionally, she’s just trying to find her way around New York.

“And just kind of finding my own [way] in New York City, but also focusing on the things that really make me happy, which are my philanthropy efforts and I really love the fashion industry as well, [and] fitness and my mental health.”

While Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark are over and Tayshia is single, it sounds like she really is living her best life doing what she loves.

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