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Zac Clark Puts Troll In Their Place For Attacking Tayshia Adams

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Zac Clark puts troll in their place for attacking Tayshia Adams. Keep reading to see how the Bachelorette alum defended his ex-fiance.

Former Bachelorette couple still on good terms?

It’s been over six months since Bachelorette couple Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams publicly confirmed their split. They got engaged during Season 16 of the ABC dating competition.

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Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark/Credit: Bachelor Nation YouTube

However, their relationship was over less than a year later.

Tayshia’s star continues to rise as she stays in the public eye. The former phlebotomist is now a social media influencer. She recently got the gig of a lifetime, hosting MTV’s Movies & TV: Unscripted Awards.

Meanwhile, Zac Clark maintains a presence on social media, but doesn’t seem interested in fame. Instead, he promotes mental health and addiction recovery.

He recently went on a conservation trip with his buddy Blake Moynes, another of Tayshia’s suitors from Season 16.

Neither Clark or Adams have shared the reason for their split. But the two must still be on good terms. Zac took to Instagram to defend his ex-fiance against a troll. What happened?

Zac Clark puts troll in their place for attacking Tayshia Adams

Tayshia Adams has been living her best life since the breakup. She recently took to her Instagram to share some sizzling bikini shots. While most of her followers praised the reality star, one troll went off.

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Tayshia Adams/Credit: Tayshia Adams Instagram

“I think you need to get over yourself,” the hater began their rant in the comment section. “Remember when you dated [Zac] and didn’t constantly post selfies and boobs and bikinis of yourself?”

“Yeah get back to that honey,” they advised Tayshia. “Because nobody cares at how fancy you think you are.”

The troll then made an unsubstantiated claim that Zac Clark cheated on Tayshia.

See his rare clapback

The troll tagged Zac Clark’s Instagram handle in the post, ensuring that he would see it. And see it, he did! He immediately shut the hater down with a lengthy defense of his ex.

“Enough is enough.,” he wrote. “One of the problems with social media is it gives people like you a voice and unwarranted power.”

He went on to school the troll on the importance of kindness. “I struggle to see why you would be mean for no reason, being kind is so much easier, I promise,” he wrote.

Zac’s comment then directly addressed Tayshia. “F**k the noise and keep doing your thing. Wear the clothes you want to wear, take the videos you want to take and keep shining,” he encouraged her.

He ended his “first and hopefully last” clap back by praising his ex. “I know you and I know you to be a really good person,” he wrote.

Credit: Tayshia Adams Instagram

Does it surprise you that Zac Clark stood up for his ex-fiance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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